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Message posted on 17/10/2019

Workshop - Public Innovation and Emerging Technologies in Health and Social Care across Japan and Europe Oct 21

Dear all,

Apologies for cross posting.

I’d like to invite anyone who happens to be in Paris next Monday (21st
October) to a workshop on "Public Innovation and Emerging Technologies in
Health and Social Care across Japan and Europe” at Fondation France-Japon
de l'EHESS. The central focus of the workshop will be on care robots. A
flyer with further information can be found here:


Public innovation policy plays a key role in the development and
implementation of new technologies in health and social care. In the
context of escalating challenges presented by aging populations and
increasing numbers of people living with chronic diseases, governments in
Japan, Europe and elsewhere are having to make strategic decisions about
allocating resources to promising but often relatively untested new care
technologies, including social robots (e.g. Paro, Nao/Zora, Pepper),
assistive and rehabilitative devices (e.g. smart walkers, exoskeletons),
tablets (e.g. iPads), AI-enabled voice assistants (e.g. Amazon Alexa,
Google Assistant), and care-related apps, to name just a few. A surge of
new devices entering the care marketplace is introducing vast complexity
related to technical issues such as big data/AI, the internet of things,
infrastructure (broadband and 5G), interoperability, standardisation,
maintenance, as well as ethical concerns around safety, data security,
privacy/surveillance, digital divides, dehumanisation of care, and impacts
on jobs and work in the field of care – to say nothing of defining and
evaluating efficacy.

This workshop will explore some of the ways in which states are negotiating
and shaping the changing technology landscape in health and social care.


10:00 │ Opening Remarks - Sébastien Lechevalier (EHESS, CCJ-FFJ)

10:10 │ Contrasting the Development and Implementation of Robots for the
Care of Older Adults in Japan and Europe - James Wright (EHESS, University
of Sheffield)

10.50 │ Taking Care of the Robot: A Field Study of a Dementia-Prevention
Robot Class in South Korea - Heesun Shin and Chihyung Jeon (Korea Advanced
Institute of Science and Technology)

11.45 │ Do Socially Assistive Robots Improve Quality of Life among Older
People in a Nursing Home? - Naonori Kodate (University College Dublin)

2.00 │ Social Robots in Elderly Care: The Turn toward Emotional Machines in
Contemporary Japan - Anne Aronsson (University of Zurich)

2.40 │ Emotional Robots: Limits and Possibilities of Affective AI in Health
and Social Care - Giulia De Togni (University of Edinburgh Medical School)

3.30 │ Who is Holding the Webcam?: The Invisible Labor of Caregivers in
South Korean Telemedicine Practices - Sungeun Kim and Chihyung Jeon (Korea
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

4.10 │ “Robolution” in Care: The Rationale and Realities of Ethical “
Co-Conception” and “Adoption” of Care Robots in France - Martin

4.50 │ Concluding Remarks


EHESS, Room 737 (7th floor) 54 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

No prior registration is required, and the workshop is free of charge.
Talks will be held in English. All are welcome!

James Wright

Michelin Fellow, Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS
Research Associate, University of Sheffield
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