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Message posted on 25/09/2019

Wellcome Trust survey on research culture

Dear colleagues

The Wellcome Trust are very keen for social scientists outside of the UK to
contribute to the survey below.

All the best



Help Wellcome to Reimagine Research

Wellcome wants to build a better research culture and we hope you will help

Together, we want to build a research culture that is creative, inclusive and
honest. Where excellence is not just be what we do, but also how we do it.

We know that Wellcome has helped to create this narrow focus on excellence and
we have seen the personal toll it takes on individuals. We believe we have a
responsibility to change this - further inaction is inexcusable.

More details can be found on our website
and in a
from Wellcome's Director, Jeremy Farrar.

Share your view

We have launched a survey
to hear the views of
those who conduct, support or have recently left the research profession. We
want to understand the current culture and hear what changes you think are

We will publish the findings later this year and share the anonymised data for
others to learn from.

From this research, we will create a shared set of goals which describe a
great research culture and commit Wellcome to achieving these through every
part of our work. We want to take meaningful action and be held accountable
for progress.

You can help us - please complete the survey and encourage those you know to
do the same.

Dr Sarah Rappaport

Policy and Advocy Adviser

Wellcome Trust

T +44 (0)20 7611 7240


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