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Message posted on 21/09/2019

Call for Dissertating essay submissions – Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT)

MAT is an online, open-access, English-language journal, coedited by Eileen
Moyer (University of Amsterdam) and Vinh-Kim Nguyen (Graduate Institute
Geneva). The journal makes available a wide range of work relevant to
scholars of medical anthropology, STS, and critical global health studies.

The Dissertating section is a space where current students and recent
graduates can share their ideas with the wider academic community. We
invite authors to submit essays (up to 1,000 words) that consider how their
thinking developed and changed during the dissertation process. This would
not be a simple summary of the research or findings, but a response to one
or more of the following questions: What were some of the key texts that
influenced your research? Did you gain unexpected insights? What challenges
did you face while doing fieldwork or writing up your findings? How did you
refine your focus or rethink your agenda? Did you have an ‘a-ha’ moment
that forced you to change direction? We are interested in issues that
normally remain unmentioned in other articles. Once an essay passes the
review process by the journal’s editorial team, we will publish it quickly
and make your ideas accessible to a wide audience.

You can find our published essays online at: Please
contact Rosie Sims (section editor, with
further questions, including if you have an idea for an essay but are not
sure whether it fits with the section.

All the best,

Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT)
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