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Message posted on 18/09/2019

Dismantling boundaries between STS and Design | Milano, November 20, 2019

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in an upcoming workshop
"Dismantling boundaries between STS and Design: A workshop on RRI and
assessment practices in co-creation landscapes
", on November 20, 2019
at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. **

Venue: Laboratorio Colore (Department of Design) Campus Bovisa Ed. B4,
Via Candiani 72, Milano

The development and introduction of new technologies within our
turbulent society is crucial in solving and shaping challenges in equal
measure. In this regard, the concept of co-creation has been recently
introduced in diverse fields as a way to engage lay people and
stakeholders in the ideation, implementation and assessment of
innovative solutions to societal challenges, by embracing a
sensitiveness towards their (ethical) acceptability, sustainability and
societal desirability. As pointed out by scholars engaged in Science &
Technology Studies and design, co-creation has the potentiality to
become a novel constitutive driver for performing Responsible Research
and Innovation (RRI), with the overall expectation of increasing the
societal value of science and technology, not only by striving to manage
unwanted consequences.

The workshop, by offering the opportunity to STS and design
international scholars to interact with practitioners engaged in
co-creation initiatives, will be an opportunity to reflect on emerging
practices of assessing the translation of RRI practice within
co-creation initiatives. Full description of the workshop and more
information in attachment and at this link:

Confirmed keynotes: Simone Arnaldi (University of Trieste);Tsjalling
Swierstra (Maastricht University); Alessandro Deserti (Professor of
Design); Petra Ahrweiler (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz).
Confirmed speakers:Fiorenza Lipparini (Director of Research,
PlusValue) and Veronica Moretti (University of Bologna).

Attendance in the workshop is free of charge. The workshop will offer
two bursaries to cover the travel expenses of Italian-based PhD students
and non-tenured researchers interested in this topic. To express an
interest please send a CV and a brief statement to the organisers, Dr
Stefano Crabu (

This workshop is supported by the:

European Association for the Study of Science and Technology
SISCODE Project : Society in Innovation
and Science through CODEsign
Meta Study Unit

(interdisciplinary network of STS scholars at the Politecnico di Milano);
STS-Italia , the Italian Society of Science
and Technology Studies.

Looking forward to seeing some of you in Milano in November,

Best regards,

Stefano Crabu, on behalf of the Scientific Organizing Committee

Stefano Crabu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Sociology (Politecnico di Milano | Dep. of Design)

Via Durando, 38A - 20158 Milano
Ph. +39 02 2399 7244 | Mob. +39 340 6159556
+++Secretary of STS Italia - Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies+++
Research Fellow at PaSTIS
Padova Science, Technology & Innovation Studies (University of Padova)

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