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Message posted on 15/09/2019

OZSW/4TU Ethics PhD course: Philosophy of Risk, Oct 28-Nov 1 2019

The Dutch Research School of Philosophy (OZSW) and the 4TU Center for
Ethics and Technology invite PhD students/ ReMa students in philosophy to
the course “Philosophy of Risk”.

Dates: Monday Oct 28- Friday Nov 1, 2019

Topic: we will explore the ethics of risk. On a basic level, we will
discuss the topics of (a) what risks are and (b) what sorts of evils and
harms people are exposed to when they are subject to risks or when others
impose risks upon them. We will also concern ourselves with the issue of
what the proper response to risk is. To make this set of questions more
concrete, we will explore a number of issues in practical
ethics: risks related to robots and automated technologies (e.g. weapons
systems and autonomous driving), the future of human flourishing,
algorithms and recommender systems, risks and uncertainty in medical
contexts, and much more. We will explore the extent and limits to which
traditional normative theories can be applied to these issues. And we will
investigate what methodology to use when dealing with the ethics
of risk (and related topics within practical ethics). The course also
features a professional development component, focused on how to write
papers for peer-reviewed journals.

Aims of the course: to enable students to incorporate the theme
of risk into their own research in ethics and philosophy, and to teach
students about the most current work on the philosophy and ethics
of risk and the methodology used in that philosophical literature. A
further aim is to help participants improve as professional academics by
improving their writing-skills and their understanding of academic
publishing. The ethics and philosophy of risk is a flourishing and growing
area of philosophical research. It is an overarching aim of the course to
inspire and enable participants to contribute to this important field, both
at the level of basic ethical theory and at the level of applied ethics.

Practical info: the course will feature a number of seminars and lectures
with various guest lecturers from the 4TU Center for Ethics and Technology
and from colleagues collaborating with 4TU Ethics. Students will give a
presentation towards the end of the week, and will also write a paper
(1500-2000 words) based on their presentation. The presentations and papers
will either be about the course-material or, if the participant works on
a risk-related topic in their PhD, it can also be on the topic of the
participant’s PhD-project. The course will take place at the campus of the
Eindhoven University of Technology.

Registration Deadline: October 6, 2019

Coordinator: Sven Nyholm, Assistant professor, Eindhoven University of

Lectures by: Sven Nyholm (TU/e), Sabine Roeser (Delft), Neelke Doorn
(Delft), John Danaher (NUI Galway), Philip Nickel (TU/e), Wybo Houkes
(TU/e), Owen King (Twente), Kritika Maheshwari (Groningen), Jilles Smids

For more info, and to register for the course, go to:

(or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!)

Best wishes, Sven

Sven Nyholm
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