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Message posted on 13/09/2019

Postdoc job: Innovation & Rentiership


Dear all,

I’m looking to recruit a Postdoctoral Visitor/Fellow to work on a
SSHRC-funded research project titled “From Entrepreneurship to
Rentiership: The Changing Dynamics of Innovation in Technoscientific
Capitalism”. The project examines the different forms of rentiership
prevalent in contemporary, technoscientific capitalism. It is motivated by
the increasing unease expressed across the political spectrum with the
problematic effects emerging from technology monopolies, weak antitrust
regulations, market capture, platform technologies, intellectual property
rights, etc.

These two open access articles provide the context for the research:
Birch, K. (2019) Technoscience rent: Towards a theory of rentiership for
technoscientific capitalism
(, Science,
Technology and Human Values.
Birch, K. (2017) Rethinking value in the bio-economy: Finance,
assetization and the management of value
(, Science,
Technology and Human Values 42(3): 460-490.
Terms & Conditions: the position is for 1-year, with the possibility of
renewal for another 6 months; and salary will start at CS41,000 (plus
benefits) depending on experience.

If you’re interested in applying then please send me a 2-page maximum
cover letter (outlining how your experience matches the job description),
an up to date CV, and the names and email addresses of two referees.
Deadline: 31 October 2019. Email address:

Here’s the job description:


Kean Birch
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