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Message posted on 04/09/2019

Journal of Scientometric Research 8(2), 2019, issue is now online.

Journal of Scientometric Research

Vol 8, Issue 2 | May-August 2019

Research Articles

- Global Distribution of Google Scholar Citations: A Size-independent
Institution-based Analysis | Aparna
Basu, Deepika Malhotra, Taniya Seth, Pranab Kumar Muhuri | Journal of
Scientometric Research
, 8(2):72-78
- An Analogy in Scientometric Journal Factors of Importance of Remote
Sensing Journals | Shakil Ahmad, Hisham
I.M. Abdel-Magid, Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid, Enayat Bano, Abu Waris |
- The Prevalence of Software Deployment in Persian Scientometric
Studies: A Meta-analysis Approach |
Mohammad Alaee Arani, Faramarz Soheili, Afshin Mousavi Chelak, Ali Akbar
Khasseh | 8(2):86-93
- Role and Responsibility of BRICS Countries in Air Pollution Control:
An Evaluation of Scholarly Communication
| Sadik Batcha Majeed | 8(2):94-101

Research Note

- Quality Assessment of Randomized Controlled Trials in Shiraz
University of Medical Sciences |
Bahmani Jahromi Maryam, Salehi Alireza, Marzban Maryam, Habibi Amin |
- Nipah Virus: An Exploratory Scientometrics Analysis, 1999-2018
| Satish Sivaprakasam, Vasna Joshua |

Book Reviews

- Big Data Analytics in Digital Knowledge Society
| Bidyarthi Dutta | 8(2):117-118
- Geographies of Growth: Innovations, Networks and Collaborations
| Ashish Gosain | 8(2):119-124

We are pleased to announce that Journal of Scientometric Research
has recently been accepted by Scopus for
indexing & abstracting.

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