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Message posted on 28/08/2019

Special Issue on 'Technology and Society Visioning in India'

Dear Friends,
We are very happy to bring to your notice a special section on
'Technology and Society Visioning in India, that has been published in
the most recent issue of the journal 'Economic and Political Weekly'.

The issue contains five articles that explore a range of themes and also
includes a brief overview note by the editors of the special section.

The following are the titles of the articles along with their authors:

i) Narratives of Technology and Society Visioning in India - a brief
overview by the special issue editors, Pankaj Sekhsaria and Naveen Thayyil


1) Collective Dreaming: Democratic Visioning in the Vikalp Sangam
Process; by Ashish Kothari

2) Technology Vision 2035: Visions, Technologies, Democracy and the
Citizen in India by Pankaj Sekhsaria and Naveen Thayyil

3) The Fight against Mosquitoes
Technoscientific Vision of Advanced Biological Control by Mahendra Shahare

4) Whose Knowledge Counts?
India as a Reluctant Leader in Agroecological Research by C Shambu Prasad

5) India’s Green Revolution and Beyond: Visioning Agrarian Futures on
Selective Readings of Agrarian Pasts by Richa Kumar

The articles can be accessed from the following link:

These are also attached here as part of a zipped file for those who
can't access the papers online. Should you not be able to access even
this, this pls write to us and we'll figure out a way of sending across
the papers.

Many thanks
Pankaj and Naveen

Pankaj Sekhsaria, PhD
Associate Professor, Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas
(CTARA) & Associate Faculty, Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), IIT-Bombay.
Member, Kalpavriksh Environmental Action Group

- 'Instrumental Lives - an intimate biography of an Indian laboratory'
(Routledge, 2019);
- 'Islands in Flux - the Andaman & Nicobar Story (Harper Litmus 2017)
- 'The Last Wave - an island novel' (HarperCollins, 2014)

Recent paper:
Media reporting on the protected areas in Maharashtra, India: a thematic
analysis, Journal of Threatened Taxa,

On 24/08/19 3:42 pm, Francesca Musiani wrote:
> We are delighted to announce the publication of
RESETs latest issue
> entitled “Doing Gender Online”. Please find the summary below.
> Best regards,
> The Editorial Board of
RESET. Social Science Research on the Internet
Marie Bergström & Dominique Pasquier, "Doing Gender Online. Ordinary
> Practice Beyond Utopian Ideals. Introduction
> "
> -
Dina Pinsky, "Doing gender online through flirtation. Digitally
> mediated romantic interactions among college students
> "
> -
Chloé Paberz, "Garçons manqués, monstres et lolitas : jouer avec les
> rôles de filles dans une entreprise de jeux vidéo sud-coréenne
> "
> -
Johann Chaulet & Jessica Soler-Benonie : "Se réunir pour jouer : les
> LAN parties entre ajustements et réaffirmation des identités genrées
> ".
> -
Florian Vörös, "La valeur des plaisirs pornographiques en ligne.
> Masculinités, sexualités et hiérarchies culturelles
> ".
> -
Lucie Delias, "Les facteurs de l’autonomie face à l’informatique
> connectée chez les retraités français : génération et trajectoires genrées
> ".
> -
Varia : Alban Chaplet*, " Les consommations d’humour des
> étudiants. L’espace des préférences et des pratiques
> ".

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