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Message posted on 09/05/2019

CISP-Talk: Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen: Serres and Foundations, Thu 30th May Goldsmiths RHB 137a

Dear all,

you are kindly invited to the following talk:

CISP talk:

Thursday, May 30th, 4.30-6.30 pm,

Goldsmiths, University of London Room: RHB 137a

Prof. Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen (Sociology, Tampere University)

Serres and Foundations

While Michel Serres’ work has become relatively well-known among social
theoreticians in recent years, his explicit thematization of the
foundations of human collectives has gained surprisingly little
attention. This article claims that Serres’ approach to the theme of
foundations can be clarified by scrutinizing the way in which he poses
and answers the following three questions: How are we together? What and
whom do we exclude from our togetherness and how? Who are we
today?//Instead of starting with a ready-made order, be it on the scale
and form of individuals or society, Serres pushes social research to
take up the challenge of examining the point at which order is about to
emerge out of noise and chaos, but where the outcome of the process
remains uncertain. Especially relevant to the discussion are Serres’
books /Rome, Statues /and/Geometry, /all three of which bear the
subtitle /Book of Foundations./
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