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Journal of Scientometric Research 8(1), 2019, issue is now online.

Journal of Scientometric Research

Vol 8, Issue 1 | Jan-Apr 2019

Research Articles

- Ego Citation Networks Considered as Domination Networks
| Yuxian Liu, Ronald Rousseau,
- Article Quality Indicator: Proposing a New Indicator for Measuring
Article Quality in Scopus and Web of Science
| Roghayeh Ghazavi ,Behjat Taheri,
Hasan Ashrafi-rizi | 8(1):09-17
- Optimization for Better World University Rank
| Pattira Jabjaimoh, Klairung
Samart,Naratip Jansakul, Natthada Jibenja, 8(1):18-20
- A 2D Evaluation of Altmetrics Influence in Citation Growth: Case Study
of Indian Research Articles in PLoS Journals
| Deepjyoti Kalita, Dipen Deka,
Tilak Hazarika, 8(1):21-26
- Scientometrics Analysis in Google Trends
| Sozon Papavlasopoulos, 8(1):27-37
- Water-Related Technology Research in India: Insights from Four Core
Journals | Deep Jyoti Francis,
Anup Kumar Das, 8(1):38-46

Research Note

- My Safetipin Mobile Phone Application: Case Study of E-Participation
Platform for Women Safety in India
| Sharique Hassan Manazir, Madhav Govind, 8(1):47-53

Book Reviews

- Governing Science and Technology under the International Economic Order
| Ashish Gosain, 8(1):54-61
- Universities in the National Innovation Systems: Experiences from the
Asia-Pacific | Ashish Gosain,
- Big Data: Does Size Matter |
Arshia Kaul, 8(1):68-69
- When Information Wheels on Technology and Tires Cognition
| Bidyarthi Dutta, 8(1):70-71

Further Details

Dr. Sujit Bhattacharya
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Scientometric Research
Listed in Emerging Sources Citation Index:
n Official Publication of Phcog.Net
Professor AcSIR| Academy of Scientific Research & Innovation
Chief Scientist (CSIR-NISTADS)
Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110012, INDIA
Landline: +91-11-25843024
Twitter: @JSCIRES
Google Scholar Profile:
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