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Message posted on 26/04/2019

ICC Tutorial: Wireless Communications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles [Call for Participation]

?We are pleased to announce the following tutorial that will be held in
Shanghai at the next IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC).

Title: Wireless Communications with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Abstract: The growing use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for various
applications requires ubiquitous and reliable connectivity for safe control
and data exchange between these devices and ground terminals. Depending on the
application, UAV-mounted wireless equipment can either be an aerial user
equipment (AUE) that co-exists with the terrestrial users, or it can be a part
of wireless infrastructure providing a range of services to the ground users.
For instance, AUE can be used for real-time search and rescue and Aerial Base
Station (ABS) can enhance coverage, capacity, and energy efficiency of
wireless networks. We will start with discussing the open challenges of
communication with UAVs. To give answers to the posed questions, we will focus
on the UAV communication basics, providing the channel modeling background and
giving guidelines on how various channel models should be used. Next,
theoretical, simulation- and measurement-based approaches to address the key
challenges for AUE usage will be presented. Moreover, we will provide a
comprehensive overview on how UAV-mounted equipment (e.g. ABS) can be used as
apart of the communication network. Based on the theoretical analysis, we will
show how various network parameters (for example coverage area of ABSs, power
efficiency, or user localization error)can be optimized. Finally, we will
discuss how to ensure the safe use of UAVs via various RF-based techniques for
detecting the presence of UAVs in the airspace (including Machine Learning and
Passive Coherent Location techniques).

The short content of the course can be found here



Join us at ICC on May 24 2019 (
Best regards,

Evgenii Vinogradov and Sofie Pollin
KU Leuven, Belgium?
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