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Message posted on 09/03/2019

Future City Made by IOT CONFERENCE (17.-18.4.)

Dear all,

Attached you can find a call for conference speakers for the Future City Made by IOT CONFERENCE at the Centre of City of the Future located in Prague (CZE) between 17th and 18th of April.

I’m currently conducting a research at this institution and the head of the centre, Mr. Michal Postranecky, asked me to share this call within my network. It would be a great opportunity for the centre to attract speakers with diverse academic and industry profiles, as well as for potential speakers to present their research, concepts and real-life applications to professional audience.

In case, you were interested, or had any questions, please contact Mr. Postranecky directly at: / +420 728794343

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend,
David Schopf

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