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Message posted on 01/03/2019

STS Involved 16/5/19 -- Registration is now open

Dear all

Registration is now open for the event STS Involved, Institute for Science
and Society, University of Nottingham, 16th May 2019. The event is free but
there will be limited spaces because it will be organised as a round table
setting based on discussion. Registration link:

Best wishes

Maria & Dimitris



This forum brings together scholars from leading groups in the field of
Science and Technology Studies to collectively explore what STS research
involves today and how to get STS involved in issues that compel us.

Rather than discussing what STS is or has been, this forum considers how STS
is currently involved by the world: how our multiple commitments, contingent
experimentations, affective attunements and close engagements animate our
STS practices. How does participation in the making of technosciences and
ecologies, responsible innovation but also the condition of being implicated
as well as the search for speculative futures shape STS in the UK today?


Claire Waterton

Dimitris Papadopoulos

Javier Lezaun

Joanna Latimer

Kate O'Riordan

Maria Puig De La Bellacasa

Mike Michael

Noortje Marres

Paul Martin

Vicky Singleton

Institute for Science and Society

University of Nottingham

16 May 2019
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