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CfP 4S NOLA: Special Exhibit, Innovating STS (Deadline: Feb 1)

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Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to invite proposals for a special exhibit, Innovating STS
, that will be hosted at 4S 2019
in NOLA gallery-style and online in the form or digital collections on the
infraStrucTureS platform: an
evolving archive for 4S and STS. Please note that individuals and groups
can still build digital collections even if they are unable to be at the 4S
conference in person. We look forward to receiving your proposals!

Deadline for submitting a proposal: Feb 1, 2019

Best, Aalok


Special Exhibit:Innovating STS

Furthering its theme, Innovations, Interruptions, Regenerations
, the 2019 annual 4S meeting in New
Orleans will include a special exhibit, Innovating STS, that showcases
innovations in STS as well as ways “innovation” has been studied,
conceptualized, practiced, and critiqued. Extending 4S’s commitment to the
transnational character of STS, we are particularly interested in exhibits
that convey diverse ways “innovation” has been an organizing rubric in
different settings. We also look forward to exhibits that share how STS
itself has been built and innovated in different settings.

Innovating STS exhibits could explore how particular strands of STS
scholarship (e.g. feminist and postcolonial STS, engineering studies, and
innovation studies) have been built, or innovative ways STS scholars and
practitioners have connected to and communicated with new publics. Exhibits
could also extend the digital collections built for the 2018 4S meeting in
Sydney, STS Across Borders
(responding to
the theme, TRANSnational STS ) — adding new
content and analysis to exhibits focused on particular departments and
groups, journals and regional formations.

Exhibits in
Innovating STS will be presented gallery-style in New
Orleans, and also as curated digital collections that can be preserved,
elaborated, and accessed over time in a new STS and 4S archive,
infraStrucTureS . Both gallery and online
material can be presented in many languages. The goal is to build deeply
diverse grounds for the future of STS and 4S. Presenters unable to attend
the New Orleans conference in person are also encouraged to develop digital
collections for
Innovating STS: an important motivation for the special
exhibit is to create new forms of intellectual community that span beyond
the space-time of the annual 4S conference.

The goal of these newly launched special exhibits,
STS Across
Borders and Innovating
STS, is to support collective engagement across different trajectories and
enactments of STS in the lead-up to, at, and beyond its annual conferences.
Thus, beyond the New Orleans conference,
Innovating STS exhibits could
also be installed in various STS departments, library foyers, or in local
science musea. Digital collections prepared as part of
Innovating STS also
can be engaged in multiple ways beyond the New Orleans conference: for
example, for individual research, workshops (online or in-person), and

Proposals for
Innovating STS exhibits should be approximately 250 words,
indicating the title and focus of the exhibit, and the kinds of materials
expected to be archived online. Please refer to the
STS Across Borders

way of examples. Proposed projects do not have to have a deep digital
archiving component. Minimally, proposals should include a plan for a small
gallery exhibit. Exhibit curators will work with the
Innovating STS Design
Group to work out allowable formats, permissions, and so on. Proposals can
be submitted by individuals or groups, but must have a lead-curator. To
submit a digital exhibit, at least one curator for each project must
complete online training to learn about the project’s digital platform.
This training will give curators both autonomy within the project platform,
and capacity to connect to curators of other exhibits.

Gallery exhibits will be organized around small posters that together tell
a story about how STS has developed in a particular setting, or in response
to a particular problem. Posters designed for
STS Across Borders can be
viewed and downloaded at this link
STS posters are anticipated to be similar to these. The Innovating
STS design
group will provide user-friendly poster templates such that exhibitors
simply need to input information for their exhibits into the posters and
generate pdfs which can then be sent back to 4S for printing. Additionally,
exhibitors will also be provided with table space for each exhibit which
can be used to display books, journals, old conference programs, and so on.
Exhibits can also include a computer (provided by the exhibiting group)
where visitors can explore associated digital collections. Note: Internet
access is not assured in the exhibit space.

Digital collections can be more expansive and can include oral histories,
interviews, field research videos, department brochures and posters,
photos, and so on, all of which can be captioned or annotated (refer to
Across Borders digital collections
The architecture of the digital platform for the project will support
shadow box-like displays (for inspiration see the “assemblage art” of
Joseph Cornell
with each box-within-the box treated as a holding place for material
(textual, audio, and video). Exhibit curators will go through on-line
training to learn how to work within the project’s digital platform,
gaining experience and skills that can support further collaboration and
other digital projects.

The timeline for building Innovating STS exhibits includes intermediate
deadlines as well as a calendar of monthly virtual calls aimed at
introducing participants to the
platform and supporting them in
identifying materials, deepening collaborative analysis, and developing
creative new forms of digital publishing. The tentative timeline for
developing the exhibit will be:

- Feb 1, 2019: Last date to submit proposals (via All Academic)
- Feb 15, 2019: Notification of acceptance
- March 2019
- Virtual call for
Innovating STS exhibitors
- Introduction to
- April 2019
- Virtual call for
Innovating STS exhibitors
- Exhibitors share initial attempts at working with the platform and
- materials that they intend to work with
Innovating STS design group introduces additional features of the
platform toward deepening digital collections
- May 2019
- Virtual call for
Innovating STS exhibitors
- Exhibitors share more developed version of their digital collections
- Exhibitors identify materials that they anticipate using for their
gallery exhibits
- June 2019
- Virtual call for
Innovating STS exhibitors
- Exhibitors share first drafts of their digital collections
- Exhibitors assigned one other exhibit for reviewing
- All exhibits internally reviewed by
Innovating STS design group
- Exhibitors develop draft posters for gallery exhibit at New Orleans
- July 2019
- Virtual call for
Innovating STS exhibitors
- Feedback from internal reviews due to exhibiting groups prior to
- Exhibitors share draft posters and other ideas for the gallery
exhibit in New Orleans prior to the call
- Exhibitors incorporate feedback towards developing final collections
- Aug 1, 2019
- Virtual call for
Innovating STS exhibitors
- All digital collections and posters finalized by Aug 11, 2019.
- External reviewers assigned for each exhibit: reviewers will
interact with exhibiting groups at New Orleans and submit
reviews” of the exhibit post-conference.
- Sept 4-7, 2019
Innovating STS gallery exhibit installed at 4S New Orleans
- Dec 2019: optional
- If exhibitors are interested in “publishing” their exhibits on
infraStrucTureS platform, they
will work with the
Innovating STS design group after the 4S 2019
New Orleans conference, to incorporate reviewer comments before final
publication on the platform.

Questions? Contact:

see STS Across Borders exhibits focused on STS in particular:

University departments: Deakin
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, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
and the Department of Anthropology at University of California, Irvine

Research Groups: iHub Research

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and Turkey

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