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Journal of Scientometric Research 7(3), 2018, issue is now online.

Journal of Scientometric Research

*Vol 7, Issue *3 | Sep-Dec, 2018

Research Articles

- Correlation between the Articles Citations in Web of Science (WoS)
and the Readership Rate in Mendeley and Research Gate (RG) | Asefeh Asemi,
Mahboobeh Heydari

- An Assessment of Effective Factors in Technology Acceptance Model: A
Meta- Analysis Study | Abbas Doulani

- Bibliometric Analysis of Pharmacology Publications in the United
States: A State-Level Evaluation | Dennis F. Thompson

- Evaluation of Selected Universities Library Websites Listed by
National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) during the Year 2017: A
Webometric Analysis | Krishna Brahma, Manoj Kumar Verma

- Effects of European Union Funding and International Collaboration on
Estonian Scientific Impact | Tanel Hirv

- The Paradox of Enrichment in Chile’s Ecological Science Funding |
Jaime R. Rau, Fabián M. Jaksic

- Titles of Scientific Letters in Astrophysics (2000-2015): A
Diachronic Study of Type Distribution and the Relationship between Title
Length and Collaboration Issues | David Israel Méndez, María Ángeles

- Co-Authorship Networks in Business Ethics: A Longitudinal Study |
Mehmet Alı Köseoglu, Mehmet Yıldız, Eka Dıraksa Putra, Taha Cıftcı

- Visualizing Garfield’s Scientific Performance | Rouhallah Khademi


- Whither Scientometrics in India | Kailash Chandra Garg

Book Reviews

- The Conflicted Super Power: America’s Collaboration with China and
India in Global Innovation | Ashish Gosain

- An Ardent Venture to Evaluate University-Level Research Productivity
through the Lens of Scientometrics | Bidyarthi Dutta

- Achievements and Struggles of Women Scientists in India | Anasua
Mukherjee Das

- The Rise to Market Leadership: New Leading Firms from Emerging
Countries | Anurag Kanaujia

- The Trishanku Nation: Memory, Self and Society in Contemporary India
| Ashish Gosain

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