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Message posted on 07/09/2018

Announcing SDRJ Special Issue (11.2): Autonomía | Design strategies for enabling design process

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce the latest issues of Strategic Design Research
Journal (SDRJ): “Autonomía | Design strategies for enabling design

The organization of this special issue aimed at investigating the
relationship between design and autonomía, questioning mainstream design
and exploring designing across and above disciplinary frontiers.

The issue itself is the result of an intense, enriching, collaborative and
(at least partially) experimental approach to academic writing. It has been
possible through the contribution of a plurality of researchers that have
joined us, the editors, throughout the whole process.

The special issue contains 7 research articles and 7 invited pieces.

You can find below the table of contents for SDRJ 11.2 and the direct link.

Finally, we have a virtual FB launch event next week: join us if you are

Best regards,

Chiara, Andrea and Alfredo


SDRJ Special Issue: Autonomía | Design strategies for enabling design

Vol 11, No 2 (2018): May/Aug

Table of Contents

Editorial- Designing, sensing, thinking through autonomía(s)

Andrea Botero, Chiara Del Gaudio, Alfredo Gutiérrez Borrero (51-57)

Practice-based ontological design for multiplying realities

Christian Nold (58-64)

Holding on to dissensus: Participatory interactions in security design

Claude P.R. Heath, Peter A. Hall, Lizzie Coles-Kemp (65-78)

Mapping Indigenous Futures: Decolonising Techno-Colonising Designs

Tristan Schultz (79-91)

Autonomía and Cultural Co-Design. Exploring the Andean minga practice as a
basis for enabling design processes Giulia Testori, Viviana d’Auria

Southern manners in northern lands: Design interventions for autonomía

Pablo Calderón Salazar, Mela Zuljevic, Liesbeth Huybrechts

Making and repairing places for making and repairing

Philip Hector (115-124)

The collaborative turn: Challenges and limits on the construction of a
common plan and on autonomía in design

Raquel Noronha (125-135)

— Special articles (invited pieces for a Polylogue)

Towards a polylocal polylogue on designs and autonomías - an intro

Andrea Botero, Chiara Del Gaudio, Alfredo Gutiérrez Borrero (136-138)

Autonomous design and the emergent transnational critical design studies

Arturo Escobar (139-146)

Ideas of Autonomía: Buzzwords, borderlands and research through design

Ann Light (147-153)

Design, development and the challenge of autonomy

Barbara Szaniecki, Liana Ventura, Mariana Costard (154-161)

Autonomy, collaboration and light communities. Lessons learnt from social

Ezio Manzini (162-166)

Moving forward together

Rosan Chow (167-169)

Autonomía, the vā, tino rangatiratanga and the design of space

A.-Chr. (Tina) Engels-Schwarzpaul, Albert L. Refiti (170-173)

Design, a Philosophy of Liberation and ten considerations

Tony Fry (174-176)

Chiara Del Gaudio |

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