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Message posted on 02/02/2024

Call for Chapters for the Routledge book The Inner World of Artificial Intelligence

                Dear all,

We are inviting contributions to our upcoming book, “The Inner World of Artificial Intelligence”, an edited volume that will be published by Routledge in 2025. The editors for this project are Elham Bahmanteymouri, Fabio Morreale, and Mohsen Mohammadzadeh.

 The volume is an exploration into the intricate and ever-evolving relationship between humanity and Artificial Intelligence (AI), investigating its implications on the built environment, cities and regions, as well as socio-economic and political systems. In the context of AI's accentuation of capitalist tendencies during the fourth industrial revolution, our book, provisionally titled "The Inner World of Artificial Intelligence," aims to emphasise the significance of harnessing AI-related innovations for efficiency and sustainable economic development. Simultaneously, it scrutinises the consequences and searches for the causes of adverse outcomes stemming from the use of AI within the framework of late capitalism.

The book will be structured into three sections:
1.    Hidden and Subsumed Humans in Artificial Intelligence (curated by Morreale)
2.    Navigating the Political-Economy of AI (curated by Bahmanteymouri)
3.    Exploring the Role of AI in Reshaping Cities and Regions  (curated by Mohammadzadeh)

Important deadlines:
•     1 April 2024: Abstract submissions
•     15 April 2024: Notification to the authors
•     Jan 2025: Chapter submissions, first draft

If you are interested in sending a contribution, please check additional information that can be found on this website:

Kindest regards,
Ellie, Fabio, and Mohsen
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