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FW: Call for Applications: CSSM VISITING FELLOWSHIPS spring 2024 (Apr-Jun)

                Dear all,
find below an opportunity for visiting the Centre for the Social Study Microbes in Helsinki next spring. Accepted fellowship proposals include economic support for fellowship related expenses such as travel and accommodation.
Best regards,
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Subject: Call for Applications: CSSM VISITING FELLOWSHIPS spring 2024 (Apr-Jun)

Dear all,
The call for spring fellows at CSSM is open now!
The CSSM fellowship is awarded to three scholars from any career stage annually. The next period is April to June 2024. During their stay, fellows will work on their own projects while engaging in the academic life of CSSM, the Centre for the Social Study of Microbes at the University of Helsinki, by participating and contributing to the organisation of activities in the Centre. Ideally, the three fellows join simultaneously to maximise opportunities for collaboration. During their stay, fellows will have visiting scholar affiliation and gain access to office space and other university services like libraries and online resources. Participants are expected to acknowledge the CSSM in any publication arising from their stay in Helsinki.
The fellowship offers fellows economic support to visit the CSSM in Helsinki for 1 to 3 months at 1.500€ per month of stay which is meant to cover accommodation and living expenses. The CSSM will also cover travel expenses up to 1.500€. We will assist you with any necessary visa and travel arrangements prior to your visit.
The CSSM is a hub for social scientists and artists conducting research on human-microbial relations. We aim to develop theory and methods to better make sense of the complex relations between humans, nonhumans, microbes, and their environments. To facilitate the creation of innovative knowledge requires inclusive and egalitarian ways of knowing, the CSSM has a strong emphasis on collaboration. It is establishing an exploratory setting, in which new decentralised collaborative practices are developed.
Please submit your application to by 5th of January 2024. Your application should include:

  *   1000 words statement of your research interests, your planned work at CSSM and its alignment with the Centre’s objectives and ethos.
  *   In your statement, please include your preferred length of the stay (1, 2, or 3 months) and give the respective calendar month(s).
  *   CV (2 pages with key publications) with name and contact for one referee.
We seek to create a diverse team. In line with this policy, eligible applicants can be of any nationality and gender. The CSSM particularly seeks to invite applications from scholars from the Global South.
We are looking forward to your applications! We will aim to get back to you with our decision by mid-January 2024.
Please spread the call in your local networks, thank you.
Best wishes

Mo Horstmann [she/her]
Project coordinator


Centre for the Social Study of Microbes
University of Helsinki
PO18, 00014 Helsinki


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