Message posted on 27/11/2023

Call for Abstract for Special Issue of the Journal of Scientometric Research

                Dear All             We are bringing a Special Issue of the

Journal of Scientometric Research (JSCIRES)

             Devoted to Innovation Studies and Policy Research 



       National Innovation Systems in East Asia and ASEAN Countries

Guest Editor   Professor Ki-Seok Kwon, Hanbat National University, South

               Please See enclosed attachment

Look forward to your submission


Sujit Bhattacharya


Professor Sujit Bhattacharya Chief Scientist & Dean Policy
ResearchCSIR-National Institute of Science Communication and Policy Research
(Formerly CSIR-NISTADS) Professor AcSIR| Academy of Scientific & Innovative
Research Editor-in-Chief  Journal of Scientometric
Research (;e-mail:
Tel: +91-11-25843024;  Mob: 09999020157

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