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Call for Open Panels EASST-4S 2024

                Dear all,

We’re happy to inform you that the Call for Open Panels for the EASST-4S conference Making & Doing Transformations, 16-19 July 2024 in Amsterdam, is now open. We look very much forward to receiving your Open Panel proposals. Please submit them by October 23rd (23:59 CEST).

During this call we welcome two types of panel proposals: Traditional Open Panel and Combined Format Open Panel:

  *   A Traditional Open Panel is composed of academic paper presentations, possibly followed by reflections by a discussant.

  *   A Combined Format Open Panel can include academic paper presentations, while also welcoming experimental formats of knowledge expression, such as dialogue sessions, theatre experiments, workshops etc. For example, you can have one session with academic papers, a second session for a workshop and a third session for a dialogue that are all part of the same Open Panel. When proposing a Combined Format, please describe what type of submissions you welcome during the Call for Abstracts. You may do so in the long abstract field of the panel submission form.

Please note that Combined Format Open Panels must be open to submissions during the Call for Abstracts! If you would like to submit a stand-alone pre-organised workshop or roundtable, you can do so during the Call for Abstracts, which opens on 27 November. During the Call for Abstracts we welcome contributions to Traditional Open Panels and Combined Format Open Panels, as well as Making & Doing contributions, and stand-alone Workshops, Roundtables, and Meet-Ups.

As the first step in the submission form, you will need to select which type of panel you are proposing, Traditional or Combined Format. As the second step you will you need to provide the following information:

  *   panel title
  *   names and email addresses of the panel convenors
  *   short abstract of
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