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Message posted on 13/09/2023

Call for papers for Special Issue

                How Do Scandals Shape the Understanding and Practice of Responsible Research
and Innovation?
Journal of Responsible
Innovation-Special Issue Call for

Key deadlines: 300 words abstract by 15 October 2023. Full papers by 31
January 2024

Scientific scandals are particularly important to our understanding and
practice of responsible research and innovation (RRI). There is a shared
belief that research scandals are most instrumental in shaking up scientific
systems (Robaey, 2014) and a shared recognition of a rising frequency of
research misconduct (Fanelli 2009, Drenth, 2010, Kornfeld and Sandra, 2016,
O'Gardy, 2021, Roy and Edwards, 2023). Yet there is a dearth of systematic
examination on how irresponsible research activities shape governance and
scientific norms and on how we should engage with scandals or scandalous
individuals responsibly and effectively to inform the future (Vinck, 2010,
Owen, Macnaghten and Stilgoe, 2012, Meyer, 2022). This special issue aims to
fill this gap. We invite empirically grounded and conceptually rigorous
investigations on the mutual impacts of scandals and RRI.
Journal of Responsible Innovation - Special Issue Call for Paper
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