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New Issue Online | Journal of Scientometric Research, 2023, 12(2)

                *Journal of Scientometric Research*
*Vol 12, Issue 2, 2023*
* *
*Research Articles *

The Hirsch Function and its Properties  |
Leo Egghe
Quantitative Estimation of Trends in Artificial Intelligence Research: A
Study of Bradford Distributions using Leimkuhler Model
 | Solanki Gupta, Vivek Kumar Singh
Discovering Search Space Using M-distance Clustering of Semantic
Relatedness Based Weighted Network for the Content-based Recommender System
| Mayur Makawana, Rupa G. Mehta
Previous Year’s Cite Score Strongly Predicts the Next Year’s Score: Ten
Years of Evidence for the Top 400 Scopus-indexedJournals of 2021 | Atul
Kumar, Jaiprakash M Paliwal, Vinaydeep Brar
Strengthen of a Scientific Field in Latin America:Evolutionary Computation
| María Elena Luna-Morales, Miguel Ángel Pérez-Angón, Evelia Luna-Morales
Independent Researchers: A Bibliometric Analysis | Brady Lund, Amrollah
Shamsi, Arezoo Ghamgosar, Narayanaswamy Vasantha Raju, Hossein Dehdarirad,
Mohammad Javad Mansourzadeh
Universities Patent Quality Indicators (UPQI): A Bibliometricand Systematic
Review | Ueliton da Costa Leonidio, Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso, Cristina
Gomes de Souza
How do Organizations and Employees Perceive and Respondto a Crisis: A
Co-citation and Co-word Analysis | Thinh-Van Vu
A Bibliometric Assessment of the Finance-growth Literature:Current Status,
Development and Future Direction | Isaac Appiah-Otoo
Mapping of Heavy Metal Pollution in River System: AScientometric Approach |
Ranju Sharma, Lata Kumari
Energy Recovery from Biogas in Domestic Wastewater WaterTreatment Plant in
the Last 5 Decades: A Bibliometric Analysis | Paula Marques Borges Vinhas
Porto, Sabrina de Oliveira Anício, Rodrigo Nogueira Vasconcelos, Tadeu
Fabricio Malheiros, Washington de Jesus Sant’Anna da Franca Rocha
Ocean Renewable Energy: A Comparative Study of Indianand Global
Collaborative Research for Sustainability and Policy Implications | Avinash
Kshitij, Jaideep Ghosh
Global Trends in Silicon Carbide Biosensor Research: A Bibliometric Study |
Jishant Talwar, Ashutosh Bhardwaj, Namrata Dewan Soni
Clustering Scientometrics of Computer Science Journals for Subarea
Decomposition | Priti Kumari, Rajeev Kumar
CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing: A Brief Scientometric Insighton Scientific
Production and Knowledge Structure | Muhammad Farid Azlan Halmi, Mohd
Amirul Faiz Zulkifli, Kamal Hisham Kamarul Zaman
Identification and Visualization of the Knowledge Landscape Of Menstrual
Health Research in India: 1996-2020  |
Anjali Yadav, Arpana Pandey, Chanchal
Topical Analysis of Scientific Publications on Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
Using Bibliometric and Text Mining Techniques | Jalal Mardaneh, Reza
Ahmadi, Meisam Dastani
Bibliometric Analysis of Literature on Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Treatments Published Between 2000 and 2019 | Zong-Yu Wang, Zhi-Chao Zhou,
Jie Zheng, Zhu-Kai Cong, Xi Zhu
Implementing Quantitative Declarations of Authorship Contribution: A Call
to Action | Mohammad Tariqur Rahman, Justus V Verhagen
Machine Learning-based Predictive Systems in Higher Education: A
Bibliometric Analysis | Fati Tahiru, Steven Parbanath, Samuel Agbesi
Indicators for the Evaluation of Science, Technology and Innovation
Activities: A Systematized Review | Roelvis Ortiz-Núñez, Stephany
Novo-Castro, Ricardo Casate-Fernández
Exploring Lexical Richness in English-Language theses Across Disciplines: A
Comparative Analysis | Ahmet Anıl Müngen
Comparison of Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Wikipedia Articles’
References: In Search of Evidence for Wikipedia Credibility | Hashem
Atapour, Sonia Khalilzadeh, Rasoul Zavaraqi
An Exploratory Study of Scholarly Platforms and Features to Help Emerging
Scholars Gain Visibility in the Scholars’ Community | Mitali Desai, Rupa
Mehta, Dipti Rana
Assessment of ResearchGate to Unfurl the Academic Pursuits of Physics
Scholars | Mohammad Haris, P.M. Naushad Ali, Priya Vaidya

*Research Note *

Indian Science Reports: A Portal for Comprehensive Mapping of S&T Data and
Analytics for India at an Overall and Institutional Level | Vivek Kumar
Singh, Anurag Kanaujia, Prashasti Singh

*Perspective Papers *Role of the Editor in
Limiting Plagiarism or Similarity in Scholarly Journal Manuscripts
 | K. C. Garg, Ritu Nagpal
Use of Bibliometrics-Related Terms, their Evolution, and the Growth of
Metrics in Science  | Yves Fassin, Ronald

*Book Review *South Asian Science
Diplomacy in a Nutshell | Anup Kumar Das

*Journal of Scientometric Research (JSCIRES)*
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