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CfP: Generative Methods - AI as and Companion in the Social Sciences and Humanities

                Call for papers​


AI as collaborator and companion in the social sciences and humanities​


Conference dates: December 6-8, 2023​

Location: Copenhagen, Aalborg University Campus​


The advent of generative AI, such as large language models, chat bots, and text-to-image generation, has presented both opportunities and challenges for society. This conference seeks to explore the multifaceted impact of generative AI as instruments and objects of research. We invite contributions that demonstrate, speculate, and/or discuss the ways in which generative machine learning models will transform research methodologies and reshape research problems across SSH disciplines. How will generative models impact our understanding of data, analysis, and research ethics? What novel forms of research communication and stakeholder engagement could emerge? What technical and conceptual interventions will be necessary to repurpose them for different epistemic traditions? And how do we audit or establish rapport with them?​


We encourage researchers and practitioners to submit their contributions in two formats:​


We invite paper submissions that address the conference theme. They should include a 200-word abstract summarizing the main argument.​

Generative experiments​

We also welcome proposals for experiments with generative AI that can be exhibited at the conference. They should include a concept + practical requirements.​

​Important dates and information​

  *   Call for papers and experiments closes August 15 (acceptance by August 31)​
  *   Registration opens September 1 and closes October 1 - participation is free​
  *   The conference is organized by MASSHINE, AAU’s Hub for Computational SSH​
  *   Submission, registration, and more info:   ​


Anders Kristian Munk, PhD
Scientific Director of MASSHINE | Associate Professor at TANTlab
Aalborg University Copenhagen | Department of Culture and Learning
A. C. Meyers Vænge 15 | 2450 København SV | Denmark
T: (+45) 2674 2979 | Email: | Twitter | LinkedIn

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