Message posted on 25/05/2023

Deadline tomorrow - CFP: 4S 2023 - Honolulu, Hawaii, Open panel 206: Big data and artificial intelligence global asymmetries

                Dear all,

As a reminder, the call for abstracts for the 4S annual meeting in
Honolulu, Hawaii, closes tomorrow, May 26.

Please consider to submit your proposals for the Open Panel:

      206. Big data and artificial intelligence global asymmetries:
      infrastructures, skills, uses, value and side effects

The deployment of big data and artificial intelligence technologies have
been reshaping the global landscape over the last two decades. New
economic actors, new institutional configurations, new dependencies and
new asymmetries are emerging. U.S. and Chinese companies and
institutions control most of the infrastructure, knowledge and skills
needed to develop and apply these technologies. Pulled by a silent war
between these two powers, the Global South, is being forced to follow a
path that recreates dependency, colonialism and extractivism in a new
light. Public and private actors in these countries have no choice but
to accept the turnkey solutions offered by these large technology
companies. This process is widening the digital divide between the North
and the South. In this context, we invite papers that explore and
discuss the global asymmetries created, triggered, increased or derived
from the deployment and use of these technologies in different contexts,
especially in the Global South. We are interested in discussing how
differently these technologies are applied in the North and in the
South? What infrastructures do they use and mobilize and how are they
distributed? How does knowledge and know-how circulate and mobilize
between the North and the South and between academia, the public sector
and private companies? How is value produced, extracted and exploited in
different contexts? How different are the social or environmental side
effects of these technologies in the North and the South? What pathways
or patterns can we observe in southern countries?

*Keywords: *Transnational STS, Big Data, AI, and Machine Learning,
Infrastructure, skills, asymmetries North-South

Abstracts up to *250 words* can be submitted directly through the *4S
website* (click here

  Deadline *May 26th, 2023*

For those who will not be able to travel to Hawaii, the event will be

If you have any question please contact us:

Henry Chavez (Ceped - Université Paris Cité - IRD)**(*

María Belén Albornoz (FLACSO)  (

Bárbara Magalhães (Universidad de Chile) (
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