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Message posted on 23/11/2021

IX STS-Chile Meeting: Politics of the abyss: sliding, ‘patching', caring. January 12th to 14th, 2022.

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IX STS-Chile Meeting
Politics of the abyss: sliding, =E2=80=98patching', caring
(Santiago de Chile Online, January 12th to 14th, 2022)

An abyss invites us to speculate on limits: to imagine continuities and =
possible discontinuities, but, above all, to play with the frontiers and =
processes that define the perpetuation of the existing or the emergence =
of something new. A politics of the abyss moves us into the field of =
possibilities about the thresholds that define reiteration or difference =
and, above all, the potential for re-articulation into something =

The politics of the abyss enliven our thinking about what holds us =
stable-unstable, lurking in slippery walkways, soapy forms, swampy =
geographies. These politics incite us to move, to touch, to breathe or =
not to breathe. The abysses, the voids, orchestrate the unfathomable =
impulses of so much corporeality that is maintained in the flow, in =
resisting nothingness.

This year, we would like to invite you to place in the conversations of =
the STS-Chile network meeting the question of the definition of the =
limits between routines and their diversification, between the habitual =
and the different. Our social awakenings and so many ecological =
disasters continue to bring the cracks of extractivism and human and =
more-than-human exploitations to the forefront. This challenges us in a =
tone, as Joao Gimaraes Rosa would say, where: "living is a tearing and =
mending", placing us in the midst of persistent vibrations thanks to =
quantum diffractions and intra-actions (Barad, 2007).

These and other lucubrations summon us in this new meeting to pay =
attention, to listen to some ways of surrounding, suspending, bracketing =
(Maturana, 1978) or simply eliminating binarisms such as subject/object, =
science/society, matter/discourse, considered Cartesian categories of =
patriarchal thought centred on the human and its exclusive agency.

We call on people who research, create, learn, educate at the limits and =
beyond disciplines to share and promote academic, creative, popular =
instances that contribute to and go beyond the science, technology and =
society studies made possible by the Chilean Science, Technology and =
Society network, in its annual meetings, now in its ninth version.

Call for applications: =

Thematic lines: =

Speakers: =

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Kind regards,

Jorge Castillo-Sep=C3=BAlveda.

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