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Message posted on 03/05/2021

Open position: Postdoc (80-100%), Zurich Survey of Academics, Prof. Dr. Heiko Rauhut, University of Zurich [reminder]

                Dear colleagues=0D=0DI would like to remind you that we are currently looking for a postdocto=
ral researcher (80-100%) to support us with the "Zurich Survey of Academics=
". The position will be affiliated with the chair of Prof. Dr. H=
eiko Rauhut.The=0Dposition is fund=
ed by the SNSF Starting Grant =E2=80=9CSocial norms, cooperation and=0Dconf=
lict in scientific collaborations=E2=80=9D (CONCISE) and co-funded by the=
=0DUniversity of Zurich. The core project of the CONCISE Starting grant is =
the=0D=E2=80=9CZurich Survey of Academics=E2=80=9D (ZSoA) =E2=80=93 a large=
-scale and representative web=0Dsurvey among scientists at universities in =
Switzerland, Germany, and Austria=0D(DACH region) that was conducted in 202=
0 and includes over 15=E2=80=99000 scientists=0Dfrom 263 universities. Note=
 that we also accept applications for a doctoral=0Dposition, given a suffic=
ient fit, independence and high level of theoretical=0Dand methodological e=
xpertise of the candidate.=0D=0DMore =
information can be found here:=
Postdoctoral researcher (80-100%):
rcher/11ed634a-118d-4a5d-a357-322a6375b3bb=0D=0D =0D=0DWe are=0Dloo=
king forward to your application! The deadline for applications is 9 May=
 2021. =0D=0D =0D=0DAlternatively,=0Dw=
e would be very happy if you could forward the job posting to potentially=
=0Dinterested candidates.=0D=0D =0D=0DWith=
 best=0Dregards on behalf of the research group Rauhut=0D=0DJ=
ulia Jerke=0D=0D=0D=0D------------------------------------=0DUniversity of Zurich=0DDr=
. Julia Jerke=0DDepartment of Sociology=0D=0DAndreasstrasse 15,=0DCH-805=
0 Zurich=0D=0DEmail: = +41 44 635 23
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