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                Call for Abstracts

**Virtual Workshop at Lorentz Center (Leiden, the Netherlands)**
**23 August - 27 August 2021*

*_Submission deadline: April 30, 2021_*
Notification of acceptance: May 21, 2021

This Lorentz week-long workshop will be devoted to discussing 
philosophical, psychological, and cognitive aspects of discovering, 
exploiting, and generating chance. Key topics for discussion will 
be*_ignorance-based reasoning, creativity, insight problem-solving, 
serendipity, intuition, and the enactive perspective on cognition_*. In 
addition to the intensive week of the workshop, *_events will commence 
during the summer _*and interactive materials will be made available for 
*_asynchronous participation_*. While we are assuming that the event 
will likely be fully online, we are taking opportunities for *_blended 
participation_* and /enacting chance/ wherever possible in the program.

The workshop will be held on *_Microsoft Teams_* and participants will 
be involved in *_at least 2 hours per day of academic and social 
activities_*. Participants will be invited to *_prepare a poster or 
other visual presentation_* of ideas (mind maps and interactive 
presentations are welcome) that, together *_with a brief video or an 
audio_* (under 5 minutes) will be uploaded on this website and will be 
used as a topic of discussion in the poster sessions Q&A.

Key questions, although not restricted to these, will be:

  * Can we train for chance encounters/ events/ discoveries?
  * Is chance an emergent property of particular and intersubjective
  * How does an agent shift from a situation of ignorance to one of
    discovery or insight?
  * When and from what does a deserving hypothesis emerge?
  * What epistemic and cognitive conditions can foster intuition?
  * Can chance encounters/ events/ discoveries foster cases of epistemic
  * What is the role of chance encounters/ events/ discoveries in
    insightful restructuring?

_*Abstracts of no more than 500 words*_ should be submitted to: 

*_Check out the website for the list of keynote speakers and updates in 
the program_*:

*_and our page on the Lorentz Center Website_*: 


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