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Message posted on 19/02/2021

The Masculinities of COVID-19

                Dear colleagues,

I just wanted to remind you that NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity
Studies has an ongoing general call for papers on the "Masculinities of
COVID-19". As this is a general ongoing call there is no submission deadline.
Rather, we at NORMA invite scholars to continuously submit their manuscripts
on the masculinities of COVID-19 as NORMA wants to publish papers on the topic
in line with the development of scholarly insights into how the masculinities
of COVID-19 play out. You can find more information about the call and how to
submit your paper following this link:

I am of course always happy to answer questions in regard to the call or NORMA
more generally.

All the best,


Sebastian Mohr

Senior Lecturer in Gender Studies
Managing Editor for NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity
Editor at Kvinder, Kn & Forskning/Women, Gender &

Karlstad University
65188 Karlstad

While most people address me with the pronouns he/him/his, I am thankful for
communication that goes beyond a gender binary.

I will do my best to meet accomodation needs in communication and personal
meetings, so please approach me directly in regard to accessibility.

The politics of Danish IVF: reproducing the nation by making parents through
selective reproductive technologies

The performative effects of diagnosis: thinking gender and sexuality through
diagnostic politics

Men, Masculinities, and Reproduction - Special Issue of NORMA: International
Journal for Masculinity Studies


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