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Message posted on 16/02/2021

4s 2021 Open Panel CfP: 144. Reflective Engagements With Machine Learning In Healthcare

                Dear all,

we invite you to submit an abstract to our open panel "Reflective Engagements
With Machine Learning In
Healthcare" at 4s Annual Meeting 2021, October 6-9 (online/Toronto).

144. Reflective Engagements With Machine Learning In

Developments in machine learning in healthcare led to hopeful expressions
regarding tailored care, early risk detection and information integration but
come with ethical concerns as well. Solutions are predominantly sought in
ethical principles (e.g. 'fair', 'responsible', 'transparent' or 'trustworthy'
data analytics), technical fixes (e.g. synthetic data) and regulatory
frameworks (e.g. the GDPR). While laudable, this focus also comes with
limitations: it ignores the implicit norms, routines and values already
present within particular healthcare practices and it may lead to adverse
effects, e.g. layering of multiple, conflicting rules that obfuscate
healthcare work and increased regulatory pressure that reduces spaces to
provide good care.

This panel explores the benefits of a shift in perspective from suitable
legal-ethical frameworks and principles for machine learning in healthcare
towards an ethnographic approach that studies ethics-in-practice and
responsibility-in-the-making, centering on:

1.Responsible knowledge practices: how do machine learning initiatives
reconfigure responsible knowledge practices in various healthcare domains?
2.Ethical work in situ: how are ethical decisions made within the mundane work
of health practitioners, data scientists and other stakeholders (such as
patient groups) in machine learning initiatives?
3.From rules to resilience: how can we make machine learning initiatives in
healthcare more resilient? Instead of fixing responsibilities in rules, how
can we explore the 'texture' of responsible data-driven healthcare in

In spirit of the conference theme, we particularly welcome studies that find
new ways of producing 'good relations', working with medical professionals and
data scientists through a mode of reflective engagement.

Keywords: AI, responsibility, ethics, engagement, health

Please note that the deadline for submissions is 8th of March. Information on
how to submit and a link to the submission platform can be found at:

Apologies for cross-posting.

Kind regards,
Rik Wehrens, Heta Tarkkala & Marthe Stevens

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