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CfP 4S Conference 2021: Citizen Science as Method

                Call for Papers 4S Conference 2021
Panel 35: Citizen Science as Method
Yasuhito Abe, Michiel Van Oudheusden, Jennifer Gabrys
In this panel, we consider the role of method in citizen science  broadly
understood as a process in which communities and individuals perform
scientific research with or without professional scientists. Methods are
fundamentally important in citizen science, for instance because they enable
actors to generate data and validate scientific claims. Yet, the performative
role of citizen science methods often remains obscured, as do the assumptions
and values that inform them. As John Law (2004) has argued, research methods
do more than just describe social realities; they are also involved in
creating these realities. This raises the question of what kind of world we
want to create with citizen science approaches. Acknowledging the growing
number of citizen science practices in various disciplines (medicine,
forestry, meteorology, ornithology, etc.) and the proliferation of these
practices for a range of uses within the context of the Internet of Things
(Gabrys 2018), we ask what the methods of citizen science entail and what
they do: Which methods are deemed credible in citizen science? By whom and
why? Which purposes do these methods serve? How are they conceptualized? How
are they naturalized, problematized, or transformed? How are they communicated
to wider audiences, and how are they received? Given the focus of the
conference, presenters are encouraged to explore these questions from various
angles, including non-western perspectives and contexts; and drawing on
feminist, queer, transnational, and indigenous scholarship.

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Deadline: March 8, 2021

Marie Skodowska Curie Individual Fellow
Department of Sociology
University of Cambridge
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