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Message posted on 13/02/2021

4S Open Panel CfP: "(Re)configuring care practices in pandemic times"

                Dear all,

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We invite you all to submit an abstract to our Open Panel "(Re)configuring
care practices in pandemic times" (see CFP below) as part of the 4S Annual
Meeting (2021).

This year's conference, "Good Relations: Practices and Methods in Unequal and
Uncertain Worlds," will take place in Toronto and worldwide October 6-9,

We welcome presentations from all disciplines and practices. Submissions will
be open until March 8, 2021.

For more details on how to submit, please visit:

For submission, please use the abstract submission platform of the conference
and choose the Open Panel:

For further questions, please email

Kind regards,
Cristina & Stefan

Panel 4: (Re)configuring care practices in pandemic times

Care practices were addressed in STS by Annemarie Mol (2002, 2008, 2010) as
capturing a specific way of engaging with material reality as well as framing
situated human relations. Hence, care bears not only upon intimacy or
affectivity, but relates to forms of interdependency between ontology and
normativity ("ontonorms"; Mol 2012).

The open panel starts from and further develops the discussions on relevance
of care practices focusing on the (re)configurations of care practices during
the COVID-19 pandemic. Such a discussion of "care" takes up not only a
currently highly relevant social topic, but also acknowledges the salient
empirical shaping of theoretical reflections on care in STS as ways of
handling reality and transforming social relations.
While COVID-19 differently addresses virologists, clinicians, physicists,
epidemiologists, immunologists, or economics (Mol and Hardon 2020), a wide
range of practices of care proliferated in response to the health crisis
beyond these formal and mainstream settings, draw mainly on spatial (and
social) proximity (neighbourhoods, peer-groups), and emphasised a temporal
continuity of the caring engagement (regular visits, extended homeschooling).
In a word: specific (re)configurations of care are rendered visible in dealing
with personal concern, vulnerability, and (inter)dependence (Kittay 2015).

The panel welcomes contributions on topics as:
- expertise negotiated along care practices;
- care related to groups traditionally framed as disadvantaged: elderly,
people with disabilities, indigenous people, and other culturally diverse
- goods shaping actors understanding of care;
- alliances of human and non-human entities as modes of pragmatic coping with
pandemic crisis;
- methodological adjustments regarding (re)configurations of care.

Keywords: practices of care, ontology, normativity, vulnerability,
interdependence, elderly, disability, cultural diversity
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