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Message posted on 18/11/2020

PhD position in Technology and Social Change

                PhD Position  New social collectives in a smart and sustainable energy
4 year, full-time position
Linkping University, Department of Thematic Studies  Technology and Social
Application Deadline: 7 December 2020

Dear colleagues,
We are happy to announce a fully funded 4 year PhD position at our department
and would be grateful, if you could pass on this information to potentially
interested candidates.
Research and education at Tema T  Technology and Social Change, Linkping
University, deals with how technology is developed and used in social
contexts, as well as how technological change helps shape and is shaped by
cultural, political and economic processes in society. The position is part of
the research group 'STRIPE - Socio-technical research of  infrastructures,
politics and the environment.
The PhD project will study the emergence of new social collectives in an
energy system under transformation. New technologies for energy generation and
storage, in combination with digitalization processes and broader
socio-cultural changes, create new conditions for social collaboration.
Examples are local energy communities, energy cooperatives, groups of
households organised by so-called aggregators or new social relations through
peer-to-peer trading. An aim of the thesis will be to study the emergence of
these new energy collectives and analyze their potential for a sustainable
energy transition. Research will be based on qualitative social science
methods and comprise conducting and analyzing interviews, collecting and
analyzing documents as well as writing scientific articles as part of the

Relevant educational backgrounds for the announced position include sociology,
human geography, urban and regional planning, policy studies or other social
science and interdisciplinary programmes.
For more information and application, see:
(Swedish version)
(English version)

Application deadline: 7 December 2020
Best regards,
Harald Rohracher

Harald Rohracher

Linkping University
Tema T - Technology and Social Change
581 83 Linkping
Phone: +46 (0) 13-28 29 75
Mobile: +46 (0) 70-08 96 002

Visiting address: Hus T, Campus Valla

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