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Message posted on 18/11/2020

CfP: Sustainability Perspectives on Health Care: Exploring the Contours of a Novel Field

                Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to a call for papers for a special issue
in sustainability entitled "Sustainability perspectives on health care:
exploring the contours of a novel field". While the call, as displayed below,
is broad, STS-perspectives will be particularly appreciated to engage with the
theme of the issue.

This special issue aims to explore and propose "health and sustainability" as
a novel research field. When the field of "health and sustainability" is
straightforwardly approached as the overlap between research on "health" and
on "sustainability", a wide array of intertwined or coupled
health-sustainability challenges emerges. However, research on these topics
often remains limited to understanding and remedying problems in either the
(social and environmental) sustainability domain or the health domain.
"Health" and "sustainability" are rarely mentioned and studied in conjunction
in academic research, although it has been frequently observed that today's
sustainability challenges have profound and highly unequal health
implications, on the one hand, and that health-care systems produce effects
that can be considered unsustainable in multiple ways, on the other hand.

Building on this observation, this Special Issue explores "health and
sustainability" by investigating (and transforming) health and health systems
from a sustainability perspective. Doing so requires thinking about what
sustainable healthcare might look like and how this may come to be defined. It
also requires investigating both ongoing practices within systems as well as
the introduction of new healthcare interventions beyond the narrow focus of
the ongoing practice or intervention itself: How (socially, ecologically and
economically) viable is it on the long-term, for the target population and
other stakeholders, for the healthcare system as a whole, and for systems that
are intertwined with the healthcare system? And how can such viability be
defined in an inclusive manner? Indeed, taking this a step further, a
sustainability approach to healthcare has the potential to bring to the fore
that transforming today's healthcare system(s) toward more sustainable systems
inevitably requires transformations of interrelated systems as well, such as
food and knowledge systems or living environments more broadly.

The summary above presents a glimpse of the many issues and topics that
sustainability perspectives on healthcare may give rise to, with a threefold
focus on (a) the sustainability of the health system itself; (b) coupled
transformations of the food system and other systems (food, knowledge, etc.);
and (c) coupled living environments-health systems transformations. The
special issue therefore explores and draws together a variety of different
engagements with health and sustainability as a research topic and field to
chart new terrain to inspire future scholarly investigations of health and
sustainability from a wide variety of (inter-/trans-)disciplinary
perspectives. To do so, we invite papers that contribute to this ambitions on
the basis of empirical investigations and/or theoretical innovations and/or
in-depth literature reviews.

You can find more information here:
If you are interested to submit a paper, please send an email to Evelien de
Hoop ( before Dec 15th 2020. Abstracts
are due on Jan 5th 2021, and the deadline for full manuscript submission is
May 15, 2021.

Best wishes,

Evelien de Hoop, Tjerk Jan Schuitmaker-Warnaar & Jacqueline Broerse
Athena Institute, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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