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Message posted on 01/11/2020

Phil Stat Forum Meeting (virtual), Nov 19: Stephen Senn

                *Topic:* Philosophy of Statistics (Phil Stat) Forum-November 19 Meeting

*From: * D. Mayo, Dept. of Philosophy, Virginia Tech

    The next meeting of our monthly remote Phil Stat forum: *The Statistics
Wars and Their Casualties* *(*link to website *
) is on *November 19*: 15-16:45 London time; 10-11:45 a.m. New York City
(Eastern time). The presenter will be:

*Stephen Senn*

*"Randomization and Control in the Age of Coronavirus?”*

     You can find more *information about this meeting*, including the
abstract, mini-bio, and readings on this meeting post

. *If you’re interested* in constructively engaging with us, please see the
background information, goals, and *directions for being included in
this pdf.

try to send the requested information* 1 week prior to the meeting.* (If
you’ve previously attended one of our meetings, you will automatically be
notified of the zoom link a few days before the meeting and shouldn’t

     *Upcoming talks* will include Deborah Mayo (Philosophy, Virginia Tech,
December 19, 2020); and Alexander Bird (Philosophy, King’s College
London, January
28, 2021). You can find a schedule of upcoming speakers on this page

     *Previous meetings,* in October, we replaced our monthly meeting with
a *P-value debate*, “The Statistics Debate!” (hosted and sponsored by the
National Institute of Statistical Sciences) between J. Berger, D. Mayo, and
D. Trafimow with debate host, D. Jeske, which was recorded here
can find a recording of our *September  24 meeting* along with Richard
Morey’s slides “Bayes Factors from all Sides: Who’s worried, Who’s
Not, and
Why” on this post


      Some reflections (by Mayo) on the meaning of “the statistical crises
and their casualties” are in this post

on .

      We would be very grateful if you informed people who might be
interested. We have tried to avoid double posting and apologize for

     We hope to see you on November 19.


     D. Mayo

****The forum, started in August, *is beginning with participants of a
workshop, *The Statistics Wars and Their Casualties*, that was to have been
held at the London School of Economics last summer (and hopefully will
occur in 2021).
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