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Message posted on 11/09/2020

virtual conference Architecture Metaphor

                Dear all,
<br>i would like to invite you to participate in the virtual conference 
<br>/Architectur_Metaphor/ that will take place from 5th to 7th November 
<br>2020, organized by the interdisziplinary LOEWE research project 
<br>Architectures of Order.
<br>Kind regards,
<br>On behalf of the organizing committee
<br>Stephanie Knuth
<br>*International conference: 5-7 November 2020***
<br>We commonly and ubiquitously use architectural metaphors in both 
<br>everyday speech as well as various professional contexts. Yet we rarely, 
<br>if at all, register this connection when we talk, for example, about 
<br>software /architects/, thought /constructs/, /pillars/ of society, the 
<br>/architecture/ of the brain or the /façade/ a person puts up. At the 
<br>same time, metaphors also feature prominently in the fields of 
<br>architecture and urbanism, where they are being used for the development 
<br>of design concepts and provide useful means to communicate, discuss and 
<br>evaluate design features. Examples range from /crystalline/ buildings to 
<br>the /fabric/ of a city, but also include Le Corbusier’s infamous 
<br>description of houses as ‘machines for living in.’
<br>/Architecture_Metaphor/aims to investigate the relationship between 
<br>architecture and metaphors from two angles. On the one hand, we want to 
<br>examine the relevance of metaphors in and for knowledge production 
<br>within the fields of architecture and urbanism and how they affect both 
<br>design practices as well as theoretical discourses. Yet, we are equally 
<br>interested in the capacity of metaphors as productive mediators in 
<br>processes of knowledge transfer between the fields of architecture and 
<br>everyday knowledges and between architectural and other professional 
<br>discourses, and an exploration of the metaphor’s potential as a lens 
<br>that allows us to zoom in and examine the involvement of architecture as 
<br>a cultural practice in processes of social ordering.
<br>This virtual conference is the first event organized by the 
<br>interdisciplinary LOEWE research project /Architectures of Order 
<br>/( )
<br>Please refer to our website 
<br>for the full conference program 
<br>and more information.
<br>Registration opens on 10 September 2020. Participation is free but 
<br>places are limited.
<br>Stephanie Knuth M.A.
<br>Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin
<br>Institut für Soziologie
<br>Technische Universität Darmstadt
<br>Landwehrstraße 48/a | 64293 Darmstadt | S4/22 309 |
<br>+49 6151 16 57 458 |
<br>LOEWE Schwerpunkt „Architekturen des Ordnens"
<br>Goethe-Universität Frankfurt | Campus Bockenheim
<br>Juridicum | Senckenberganlage 31
<br>60325 Frankfurt am Main | Raum 255 |
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