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Message posted on 20/07/2020

Two job openings (fixed-term, 3 years) at TU Berlin - deadline soon!

                Dear all,

I would like to invite applications for two fixed-term positions (3
years)  in the project "Forms and Effects of Failure in Science":

Postdoc (part-time, 50%):

Phd Student (part-time 65%):

*The closing date for applications is 24 July 2020.*

Best wishes

PD Dr Jochen Gläser

Prof. Dr. Jochen Gläser

Social Studies of Science and Technology

Institute of Philosophy, History of Literature, Science, and Technology

TU Berlin, HBS 7

Hardenbergstr. 16-18

10623 Berlin


* I am sending this email at a time that suits my workflow. I do not
expect a response outside of normal working hours *
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