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Message posted on 13/01/2020

CfP EASST/4S 2020 - Emerging Worlds of Eating: Interrogating the digitalisation, datafication and platformisation of food

                Dear Eurograd users,
<br>Please consider submitting an abstract to the following panel on emerging
<br>worlds of eating at this year's EASST/4S Conference (18-21 August 2020,
<br>Open Panel 54: Emerging Worlds of Eating: Interrogating the digitalisation,
<br>datafication and platformisation of food
<br>Deadline for abstract submissions: 29 February 2020
<br>Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 April 2020
<br>Convenors: Tanja Schneider (University of St Gallen); Jeremy Brice (London
<br>School of Economics and Political Science); Karin Eli (University of Warwick)
<br>Abstract: Food is increasingly caught up in processes of digitalisation,
<br>datafication and platformisation which are rapidly (if unevenly) reshaping
<br>exchange and interaction among those who produce, prepare, consume,
<br>(re)distribute and review it. These processes appeal to numerous values and
<br>logics: Food delivery services emphasize speed and convenience; surplus food
<br>redistribution apps promote sustainability by redirecting and revaluing the
<br>excess of conventional food commerce; and social dining platforms encourage
<br>unconventional socialities and economies around shared acts of cooking and
<br>eating. Meanwhile, platforms and devices promise consumer empowerment through
<br>knowledge: supply chain transparency platforms promise to demystify the
<br>provenance of food through aggregating data sourced from across the globe,
<br>while dietary tracking devices afford novel forms of digitised
<br>(self-)knowledge and modes of dietary intervention.
<br>Elaborate socio-technical assemblages of people, capital, software and devices
<br>are thus engaged in reinventing foodstuffs and eating practices, along with
<br>the knowledges, affects and values which accompany them. In this session we
<br>aim to interrogate the diverse and intersecting logics which underpin, guide
<br>and govern the digitalisation, datafication and platformisation of food. In
<br>particular, we invite researchers working in critical innovation studies, food
<br>studies, studies of financialisation and capitalisation, and digital
<br>ethnography to join us in tracing the varied worlds of eating emerging around
<br>these socio-technical assemblages. In so doing, we hope to explore how the
<br>conventions, constraints and accumulation strategies of digital platforms, of
<br>data-driven innovation and of those invested in them both enact food futures
<br>and participate in ordering present day food cultures, materialities and
<br>practices. We welcome theoretical and/or empirical papers exploring themes
<br>including, but not limited to:
<br>  *   Practices of digital food innovation
<br>  *   Practices of digital eating, as enabled and maintained through mobile,
<br>sensor-based and digital technologies (e.g. dietary tracking)
<br>  *   Digitally mediated cultures of food provisioning, preparation and
<br>consumption (including emerging communities, identities and subcultures)
<br>  *   Interfaces between financialisation, datafication and platformisation
<br>(e.g. the role of investors in extending digital disruption to food)
<br>  *   Conventions of and contests over the value, quality and 'goodness' of
<br>food within digital marketplaces (e.g. the role of reviews, ratings and
<br>  *   Non-/more-than capitalist logics of digitalisation and valuation
<br>  *   Studies of food apps (e.g. platforms for food sharing, ethical food
<br>consumption, food delivery, food activism)
<br>  *   Emerging forms of food-related digital labour (from food delivery
<br>logistics to app design and social media marketing)
<br>  *   Inclusion, exclusion, enclosure and (in)equality within digital food
<br>  *   Surveillance, transparency and knowledge (or ignorance) production
<br>within digital food economies and cultures
<br>Abstract submission: Please submit an abstract of up to 250 words through the
<br>4S/EASSTs website, using your personal login credentials. After you log in,
<br>click 'Submit A New Proposal', and then 'Papers For Open Panels'. Scroll down
<br>through the list of open panels where you will find 'Panel 54: Emerging Worlds
<br>of Eating: Interrogating the digitalisation, datafication and platformisation
<br>of food'. If you have any questions, or would like additional information
<br>about the panel, please contact us at
<br>, or
<br>Best wishes,
<br>Jeremy, Tanja and Karin
<br>Dr Jeremy Brice
<br>LSE Fellow in Economy, Risk & Society
<br>Department of Sociology
<br>London School of Economics and Political Science
<br>London, WC2A 2AE
<br>Phone: 020 7955 6793
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