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Message posted on 13/01/2020

Journal of Scientometric Research -- New Issue 8(3) is now online

                *Journal of Scientometric Research*
<br>Vol 8, Issue 3 | September-December 2019
<br>*  *
<br>*Research Articles*
<br>   - In Search of a Silver Bullet: Evaluating Researchers' Performance in
<br>   Bosnia and Herzegovina  | Haris
<br>   Memisevic, Arnela Pasalic, Edin Mujkanovic, Mahira Memisevic
<br>   - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Journals in Immunology: A Hypothesis to
<br>   Facilitate Decision Making at the Time of Publishing
<br>    | Jefferson Russo Victor
<br>   - Open Research Data Repositories: A Content Analysis to Comprehend Data
<br>   Equitable Access  | Raj Kumar Bhardwaj
<br>   - Social Media Coverage of Research Output from 100 Most Productive
<br>   Institutions in India  | Tanu Solanki,
<br>   Mousumi Karmakar, Sumit Kumar Banshal, Vivek Kumar Singh
<br>   - Growth, Indexing and Authorship Pattern of Poultry Industry Research
<br>   Publications  | Jisha Antony, Raja
<br>   Selvaraju
<br>*Research Note*
<br>   - Bibliometric Analysis using Bibliometrix an R Package
<br>    | Hamid Derviş
<br>*Book Review*
<br>   - Instrumental Lives: An Intimate Biography of an Indian Laboratory
<br>    | Ashish Gosain
<br>We are pleased to announce that *Journal of Scientometric Research
<br>* has recently been accepted by *Scopus *for
<br>indexing & abstracting.
<br>*Further Details *
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