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Message posted on 13/01/2020

CFP EASST/4s 2019: Panel Growing old in a more-than human world: Materialities of care and interspecies entanglements

                Dear list members,
<br>Apologies for cross-posting.
<br>We are pleased to invite you to submit a paper proposal to our Open
<br>Panel “*Growing
<br>old in a more-than human world: Materialities of care and interspecies
<br>entanglements*” to be held in the EASST/4S conference
<br> (Prague, August 18th-21st 2020).  More
<br>information is included below. Please feel free to circulate this call to
<br>anyone who might be interested and do not hesitate to contact us if you
<br>have any questions or doubts. Thanks!
<br>Best regards,
<br>Nete Schwennesen, Daniel Lopez Gomez & Joanna Latimer
<br>*73. Growing old in a more-than human world: Materialities of care and
<br>interspecies entanglements*
<br>Nete Schwennesen, Copenhagen University;
<br>Daniel Lopez Gomez, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya;
<br>Joanna Latimer, SATSU, University of York
<br>This panel calls for papers with an interest in exploring the recent
<br>‘post-humanist turn’ within ageing studies (Andrews & Duff 2019).  While
<br>age studies has privileged anthropocentric visions of agency, usually as a
<br>way to contest the deficit-based visions of later life in care, recent
<br>interest has grown around studying how late life is shaped and emerge
<br>through more-than-human ecologies which involves digital technologies,
<br>robots, architectures, plants, landscapes, animals, music, etc. At the same
<br>time, new theoretical orientations such as new materialism,
<br>material-semiotics, assemblage theory, non-representational theory, and
<br>affect theory have come to inform studies on later life about the need to
<br>explore more-than-human entanglements in aging, and the configuration of
<br>later life. In this panel, we invite papers with an interest in exploring
<br>how later life is configured through more-than-human entanglements.
<br>We welcome theoretical and/or empirical papers exploring themes including,
<br>but not limited to:
<br>   - What does ageing becomes when ageing is seen as a stage of
<br>   becoming-with more-than-humans?
<br>   - How does ‘post-human’ theories challenge human-centric notions of
<br>   care?
<br>   - How does imaginative visions of eldercare shape future entanglements
<br>   of late life and more—than-humans?
<br>   - What are the new opportunities for intervention and experimentation,
<br>   that opens up, when we think about later life as constituted through
<br>   more-than-human entanglements?
<br>If you have any questions or would like additional information about the
<br>panel, please contact us at,,
<br>*Submission: *
<br>If you are interested in participating in our Open Panel, please submit
<br>your proposal by logging into the Programme website (
<br> with your 4S credentials,
<br>selecting “Papers for Open Panels” and clicking in the Open Panel No. 73.
<br>Abstracts are up to 250 words.
<br>*Deadline*: *February* *29th, 2020.*
<br>Daniel López Gómez
<br>IN3 - Internet Interdisciplinary Institute
<br>CareNet Research Group
<br>Estudis de Psicologia i Ciències de l'Educació
<br>*Associate Professor*
<br>(+34) 933 263 681
<br>twitter  / linkedin
<br>Av. Carl Friedrich Gauss, 5
<br>08860 Castelldefels
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