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Message posted on 13/01/2020

Workshop: Creating Better Visualisations (with STS) plus guest lecture by Laura Watts Tue, Feb 18th 2020, 10-5pm, Goldsmiths

                For those who missed it just before Christmas:
<br>Creating Better Visualisations (with STS). A workshop with guest lecture by
<br>Laura Watts
<br>Tuesday, February 18th 2020, 10am-5pm
<br>Goldsmiths, University of London
<br>How can we advance visualisation practices as modes of doing STS? While STS
<br>has been at the forefront of analyzing the role of visualizations in
<br>scientific practice (e.g. Latour, Lynch & Woolgar, Daston & Galison etc.), the
<br>role of visualizations in STS has gained little attention. In this workshop,
<br>we put to ‘trial’ our own visualisations and visual practices. In so
<br>doing, we invite participants to bring visualizations drawn from their past or
<br>ongoing projects which will be used as a reource for the cross-examination of
<br>visualization practices in STS. In groups, we will first analyze these
<br>visualisations, and invite participants to consider typical STS questions,
<br>such as: How do these visualisations re-present the world? How do they draw
<br>together? How do they bring different entities and elements into a single and
<br>consistent plane? How are entities included into collectives and what gets
<br>excluded, or othered? What are the visualization techniques employed to
<br>include and exclude and how are they enacted? What are the agencies,
<br>competencies and politics behind them? In a second step, we will re-work these
<br>visualisations, based on the analysis gained in the first step. We will aim to
<br>include hitherto forgotten objects and actors as well proposing virtual
<br>entities in order to consider how visualisation can move analysis from the
<br>reflexive to considerations of the speculative. This will involve trying
<br>different perspectives in order to see what happens if others (experts,
<br>scholars, practitioners, implicated actors and so on) become invested in our
<br>own visualisations.
<br>The workshop will begin with a lecture by Laura Watts (Interdisciplinary
<br>Senior Lecturer in Energy & Society, University of Edinburgh and author of
<br>'Energy at the End of the World: An Orkney Islands Saga’, MIT Press) on
<br>'Seeing the energy future on the page: working in the whitespace between
<br>Workshop participants are asked to bring a visual aspect of their own research
<br>project and an interest in opening their project up to engagement with other
<br>Participation is free, and lunch will be served.
<br>Registration is required here:
<br>Organised by the Centre for Invention and Social Process (CISP), Michael
<br>Guggenheim, Isaac-Marrero Guillamon and Alex Wilkie
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