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Message posted on 13/01/2020

Vacancy Teacher-Coach in Challenge-Based Learning in Ethics course

                Vacancy Teacher-Coach in Challenge-Based Learning in Ethics course:
<br>The University of Eindhoven seeks to appoint teacher-coaches in ethics (part
<br>time) for the period from April 1th to July 7th 2020.
<br>The course is a continuation of last-year's successful Challenge-Based
<br>Learning (CBL) approach in which students design technologies in a more
<br>ethical way for external companies. (For a 2 MIN impression of last year's
<br>course run, see this
<br>We are especially looking for ethics teacher-coaches with experience in data
<br>science, health or energy, who like to work together with students on
<br>open-ended real challenges.
<br>This vacancy procedure runs together with the vacancy procedure for other
<br>teachers of this course. If you are interested in this job particularly,
<br>please indicate in your application your strengths for CBL (e.g. strengths in
<br>open-ended coaching and teaching, value sensitive design in teaching,
<br>collaboration with real clients, flipped-classrooms or similar experiences).
<br>For overall information about the vacancy:
<br>For specific questions about the CBL approach in ethics and your role in this:
<br>contact Gunter Bombaerts .
<br>Gunter Bombaerts
<br>TU Eindhoven
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