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                Dear list members,
<br>We would like to invite you to submit an abstract (250 words max) to our open
<br>panel #166 entitled "STS for a Post-truth Age: Comparative Dialogues on
<br>Reflexivity” to be held at EASST/4S Conference between August 18 - August 21
<br>in Prague.
<br>Please contact us if you have any questions.
<br>Open Panel # 166 STS for a Post-truth Age: Comparative Dialogues on
<br>The linear model of knowledge creation and diffusion has frequently been
<br>criticized by STS scholars through an emphasis on social contexts of
<br>knowledge. Based on this critique, reflexivity plays an important role in
<br>pushing the academic boundaries of STS. True to the conference focus
<br>“locating and timing matters”, it is important to take into account
<br>various accelerated ways of knowledge circulation, as STS scholars are faced
<br>with challenges of the post-truth age.
<br>The panel calls for laying the groundwork for a reflexive dialogue on how to
<br>practice STS in the post truth age by emphasizing the importance of reciprocal
<br>sharing across a diverse group of participants. We are interested in
<br>contributions that engage empirically and theoretically with the concepts of
<br>truth, evidence and objectivity from a comparative perspective. We are
<br>particularly seeking contributions that highlight the digital and
<br>infrastructural materiality of the post-truth age. We also welcome studies of
<br>STS practices in different cultural settings, shedding light on heterogeneous
<br>ways of practicing and doing STS for a post-truth age. We invite papers
<br>dealing with but not limited to following questions:What does sustainable STS
<br>look like? What kinds of practices and output should we be aiming for without
<br>necessarily swinging back to the ideal of objectivity?How can STS continue to
<br>critically engage with the hegemonic narratives of S&T and find meaningful
<br>ways to address the promotion of alternative facts?How can we conceptualize
<br>expertise in an age of networked advocacy, citizen journalism, participatory
<br>science and new demands on verification?
<br>Keywords: post-truth age, dialogues on reflexivity, academic boundaries of
<br>Categories: Knowledge, Theory and Method
<br>Melike Sahinol, Orient Institute Istanbul
<br>Emine Onculer Yayalar, Bilkent University
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