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CfP | "The academic profession in the making” («Scuola Democratica» Journal)

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*The academic profession in the making*
* Teaching innovation, digital, accountability and other challenges*

«Scuola Democratica - Learning for democracy
» | special issue 3/2020


Assunta Viteritti (“La Sapienza” University of Rome)

Leonardo Piromalli (“La Sapienza” University of Rome)

Gioia Pompili (“La Sapienza” University of Rome)

The arena of higher education is nowadays invested by several tensions.
Actors, scales and stakes are being reconfigured and reassembled in the
wake of social and political events which education institutions and
practitioners are called to face on heterogeneous scalar levels. The
academic profession is deeply implicated in this intricate and
ever-changing context, as several complex challenges arise with which it
has to deal with, e.g.: the engagement of universities in teaching
innovation efforts; the emergence of reforms based on New Public Management
logics; the plain-sight as well as concealed effects of digital
technologies; the Europeanisation and globalisation of higher education
arenas; the involvement of universities in ‘third mission’ efforts; etc.

«Scuola Democratica», one of the most relevant Italian journals on
education, is thus issuing a call for papers for a special issue about *The
academic profession in the making: Teaching innovation, digital,
accountability and other challenges*. The extended call for papers and all
details can be found at the following link:
*. The
deadline for the submission of abstracts is 13 December 2019.

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*Scuola Democratica-Learning for Democracy
) is a journal of research,
reflection and discussion on all aspects of learning and education. It is
divided into three sections (school; university; learning, training and
work) exploring a wide range of issues related to education from an
integrated and cross-sectional perspective. The journal is intended for
researchers, scholars, experts, directors, managers, teachers and trainers
and welcomes their contributions.*
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