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Message posted on 02/07/2019

CfC: ‘Shaping the Future Through Standardization’,

                ***With apologies for cross-posting***


The subject line says it all, really. Attached you will find the initial
CfC for a book entitled ‘Shaping the Future Through Standardization’,

Please submit full draft chapters through IGI Global's submission system.´at

I look forward to receiving many interesting papers .......

And in case you'd like to have some more information - just do ask.



Kai Jakobs

RWTH Aachen University
Computer Science Department
Informatik 4 (Communication and Distributed Systems)
Ahornstr. 55, D-52074 Aachen, Germany
Tel.: +49-241-80-21405
Fax: +49-241-80-22222

EURAS - The European Academy for Standardisation.

The International Journal of Standardization Research.

The 'Advances in Standardization Research' book series.

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