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Message posted on 02/04/2019

Call for Editor(s), Open-Access Journal Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS)

                Dear all,

On behalf of the 4S Publications Committee, we are pleased to issue this call for nominations and proposals for Editor(s) of the 4S’s open access journal Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS). The details are below. Evaluation of proposals will begin June 1.

We welcome proposals as soon as possible. We are also happy to address any questions at any time. Please address them to Teun Zuiderent-Jerak (

Best wishes,
Teun Zuiderent-Jerak, Chair search committee ESTS
Kim Fortun, 4S President

Call for Nominations and Proposals
Editor(s), Open-Access Journal Engaging Science, Technology, and Society

Society for Social Studies of Science

The Publications Committee of the Society for Social Studies of Science solicits nominations and proposals for Editor(s) to lead the 4S-sponsored open access journal, Engaging Science, Technology, and Society (ESTS - ESTS is a vibrant, double-blind peer-reviewed venue for addressing how science and technology infuse the world in which we live.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed articles, thematic collections, conceptual pieces, debates, review essays, and critical engagements. It also publishes board-reviewed overviews by prominent scholars about their paths into STS. Content is organized into annual volumes, and includes work that represents the full range of 4S scholarship.

ESTS’s ‘Diamond Model of Open Access’ offers the editor(s) the opportunity to usher 4S and STS into new forms of digital scholarship, advancing new modes of scholarly expression while maintaining the high quality standards of scholarship for which 4S is known. 4S Council envisions ESTS and its editorial leadership playing a formative role in the development and validation of new, open access scholarly communication.

We seek an editor or editorial collective that has deep respect for the peer-review publishing process and is eager to bring their reading, writing, and editing skills to the task of shaping the substance and presentation of diverse forms of scholarship in STS. Given the increasing transnational character of 4S scholarship, the 4S Council had indicated its preference for an editorial or editorial collective that is well placed to attend to different intellectual traditions, geographic emplacements and career-stages within the field. Proposals should describe a preferred organizational structure -- indicating if there will e.g. be one Editor-in-Chief with associate editors or a more horizontally structured editorial collective.

The editorial(s) will be appointed for a 3-year term, which may be renewed for an additional 2 years.

The editor or the majority of the members of the editorial collective should hold a secure position at an academic or research institution, demonstrate editorial or very closely related experience, have strong organizational skills, and have support from their home institution for editorial tasks. Editorial duties, selection procedures, and guidelines for institutional support can be found below.
Evaluation of proposals will begin June 1, 2019.

We welcome nominations, including self-nominations, as soon as possible.

The formal proposal (prefered length around 2000 words excluding CVs and narrative bios) should include:

* a vision statement for the journal in its next phase, detailing how its different sections and types of writing are to be fostered and developed;
* a statement of how the editorial team will be organized and operate (e.g. a board of 5 associate editors with rotating final responsibility, of 10 associate editors with 2 editors-in-chief, etc.), indicating how diverse positioning will be leveraged. CVs and short (approximately 300 words) narrative biographies of people in the editorial collective, foregrounding relevant experience;
* a description of level of committed institutional support for all involved institutions;
* a plan for how to work with the Editorial Board;
* any outstanding questions that might require iterative communications with the Publications Committee and the Search Committee’s chair.

Selection Process: The Publications Committee will review all proposals, and make a recommendation to the 4S Council. Results of the selection process will be communicated to proposers no later than August 15, 2019. The official start date will be September 15 (the transfer of responsibilities from the current editor will be very gradual over the following year).

Questions about the process of selecting the editor(s), or the editorial duties involved, should be addressed to the Chair of the Search Committee, Teun Zuiderent-Jerak or to Kim Fortun, 4S President, at Applications should be submitted to Teun Zuiderent-Jerak in electronic form only. People from groups underrepresented in the Society for Social Studies of Science are strongly encouraged to apply.
Editorial Details and Duties
Engaging Science, Technology, and Society

* The normal term of editorship is three years, with optional renewal for 2 years.
* The last year of the editorship overlaps with the first year of the next editorial collective to facilitate a smooth transition.
* The editor(s) must have a clear and transparent organizational structure and workflow, specifying individual responsibilities and ways of working with the journal’s Managing Editor.
* The editor(s) must also demonstrate capacity to be responsive to differently situated authors and intellectual traditions.
* The editorial group should include someone specifically responsible for engagement with the ever-evolving set of issues associated with open access publishing, providing visible leadership in deliberations about open access.
* Editor(s) must regularly communicate with an Editorial Board, providing clear feedback pathways.
* Editor(s) should publicize and solicit submissions for the journal in appropriate venues.
* Working with the 4S Council Publications Committee, editor(s) should develop the look, feel, and format of the journal, including types of intellectual material that will be represented. 4S seeks an editorial collective with intellectual vision, creative approaches to presentation, and commitment to high quality scholarship.
* Editor(s) read and make decisions on new manuscripts in a timely manner. ESTS receives about 45-80 submissions per year. Once a manuscript is received, the editors select multiple reviewers for each submission, tracks reviewers to ensure timely reviews, and make final acceptance decisions.
* With the Managing Editor, Editor(s) encourage authors to make use of the affordances of its digital mode, incorporating multi-media and born-digital content into their articles, also soliciting high-quality content in other genres of scholarly expression, (photo essays, debates, review essays, interviews, maps, conference reviews, etc).
* Assemble accepted articles and features for publication. The Managing Editor is responsible for ensuring that revisions are completed in a timely fashion, according to the Editor(s) recommendations.
* The Managing Editor will distribute and advertise the journal.
* Compile an Annual Report, to be submitted to the 4S Publications Committee, the 4S Council and the Executive Committee. The report should contain data on the number of submissions, number of publications, success rate per submission, average time from submission to decision, and include prospects for and concerns about the journal. The discussion of prospects and concerns should include input from the Editorial Board. This report will be due one month before the annual 4S meeting.
* At 4S annual meeting, Editor(s) meet with the 4S Council and its Publications Committee.

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Teun Zuiderent-Jerak, MA, MA, PhD
Associate Professor of Interactive Governance of Health Interventions
Athena Institute, VU University, Amsterdam
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