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Message posted on 09/11/2019

Large global study on diverse and inclusive research in 14 languages -- supporters can win prizes

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

While many of us have worked on public understanding of and public attitudes toward science, we should just as much try to understand how research professionals think about publics. Do they consider it important to involve non-academic perspectives when planning and conducting their research? What are their experiences with more diverse and inclusive research? How anticipatory and reflective are research design and practice when it comes to societal needs, expectations and concerns? How do institutional or governmental policies and regulations affect research and innovation in this respect?

To answer questions like these comparatively and globally, we have launched a study just now, as part of the “RRING” project in collaboration with the United Nations. It includes an online survey (available in 14 languages), from which we are expecting the largest number of responses ever achieved about this topic, and more importantly the most geographically diverse analysis so far.

Therefore, if you work in public or private research or innovation, I would be grateful if you could participate personally and/or forward the following survey to your networks. It goes without saying that a diverse spectrum of disciplines beyond STS would be important to include, i.e. also natural sciences and engineering, humanities, etc.

The survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete.

As a small token of appreciation, all participants will be entered into a prize draw for a free iPad mini and five €50 shopping vouchers [=$56 US dollars].

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me or my dear colleague Dr Eric Jensen (, who is managing the study.

Best wishes
Alexander Gerber
Professor of International Science Communication,
Rhine-Waal University, Germany
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