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Message posted on 17/04/2019

INTERNATIONAL THEMATIC SCHOOL Genome editing in agriculture Engaging in policy, legal and institutional issues

Genome editing tools allow direct modification of plant genomes more
quickly, cheaply and accurately than ever before. It is a technological
revolution with long term implications. The tools are changing the
practices of using and exchanging biological material in plant science
including the way plant breeding is conducted.

The emergence of such a technology raises a series of social,
institutional, legal and policy issues.
Whether you are a biologist or a geneticist, a lawyer or a social
scientist, this school will help you grasp the various societal
dimensions of genome editing:

- What role for genome editing in research and development in plant science?

- What regulatory considerations for products derived from these techniques?

- What implications of gene drive on sustainable agriculture?

The thematic international school will take place during four days
(total of training = 25 hours), in Montpellier, France, from Monday 13
May at 14:00 to Thursday 16 May 2019 at 17:00. It will be held in English.

Free of charge.

Applications expected before 30 of April.

(See attached file for more information)

Best regards,

Pierre-Benoit Joly

Lisis, France

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