EASST Review: Volume 43(1) July 2024

Riot police on the campus of the University of Amsterdam after breaking up a student protest on 21 June. Credits: Folia / Toon Meijerink

For this issue – the first of 2024 – the editorial team decided to be led by your concerns: earlier this year, we put out an open call inviting you to share your ideas with us. This has brought us pieces on topics that turned out to connect in surprising ways: among others we have a thoughtful contribution arguing for “liveable futures” instead of the often-heard talk of sustainability, by Anne Beaulieu and her team, a discussion of nuclear waste governance and how it points at a “democratic deficit” by Lee Towers, a dizzying (in a good sense) event report by Britta Acksel and colleagues, a piece by Tanja Bogusz et al. showing us why marine worlds matter to STS, and a reflection by Willemine Willems and colleagues on the possibility of science communication as theatrical dialogue.

EASST Review: Volume 42(2) December 2023

A screenshot from the videoperformance Microbimpro dancing. Author: Oona Leinovirtanen

Many thanks for all the contributions over the last years: the EASST Review is really made by our STS community and every time I have been positively surprised by the variety of perspectives brought together in our issues. Also in this edition you will find engagend and critical contributions, continuing our reflections on Research Cultures; paying tribute to Evelyn-Fox Keller; presenting groups in Exeter and Helsinki; and discussing workshops that took place in the past year. We are also presenting a preview of the 2024 EASST-4S conference to which we all look forward!

EASST Review: Volume 41(1) April 2022

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