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Deadline for this round: 1st November The EASST Fund supports a range of activities such as the organisation of conferences, network meetings, seminars, workshops, etc. These can be either online or in-person or a combination of both. The Autumn call for activities seeking funds from EASST has a deadline of 1st November. For more information […]

EASST Fund supports: Epistemic Dizziness STS Workshop

In an era fraught with dizzying socio-political events and burgeoning ecological catastrophes, the Epistemic Dizziness workshop delved into the concept of epistemic dizziness as a disordered state of whirling vertigo, applying it to the contemporary state of STS. The event took place in September 2023 in Berlin.

easst fund

EASST Fund aims to promote national and cross-national community building within EASST, advance new questions, topics and perspectives in science and technology studies, as well as enable collaboration with non-academic actors publicly engaged in science and technology. EASST wishes to support a range of activities such as the organisation of conferences, network meetings, seminars, workshops, […]

STS Italia summer school 2022

EASST helped fund STS Italia’s (Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies) 6th Summer School, Disentangling Futures: Promises, Scenarios, Experiments, which took place in Padova 27/09-01/10 2022.

EASST Funds 2021-22

6th STS Italia Summer School “Disentangling Futures: Promises, Scenarios, Experiments

Activities supported by the EASST Fund 2018

Workshop ‘Participant Observation and Collaboration in STS Ethnography: Generating Methodographic Sensibilities for Science & Technology Studies’. April 2018, Berlin, Germany. Workshop ‘How can Science and Technology Studies help to reflect on the political crisis associated with refugees and asylum seekers?’ September 2018, jointly hosted by the Center for Social Studies, University of Coimbra and the […]

Activities supported by the EASST Fund 2017

Workshop ‘Community and Identity in Contemporary Technosciences’. This is the first thematic workshop to be organised by the newly founded association, STS Austria. February 2017 at IFF, Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt-Wien. Workshop ‘What can STS do for Democracy’. November 2017 at Aalborg University, Copenhagen. Workshop ‘Making Futures: Green Alternatives and STS Interventions’. November 2017 at […]