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Message posted on 20/01/2021

KLI Dissertation Writing-up Fellowship Call

KLI Dissertation Writing-up Fellowship Call =E2=80=9CDealing with diversity in the life and sustainability s= ciences=E2=80=9D https://www.kl= The Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research (KLI) i= n Klosterneuburg (Austria) announces 5 Writing-Up Fellowships for late-stag= e PhD students working on topics related to =E2=80=9CDealing with d= iversity in the life and sustainability sciences=E2=80=9D. This ca= ll aims to support an interdisciplinary cohort of late-stage PhD students w= hose work deals with diversity in the life and sustainability sciences. The= 5 KLI Writing-up Fellowships are not restricted to specific topics or appr= oaches. However, as A Home to Theory that Matters, the KLI will su= pport projects that engage with theoretical and conceptual work in the life= and sustainability sciences as well as philosophical, historical, and soci= ological work related to these fields. Though not exclusively, we look forw= ard to receiving applications especially in the following research areas:&n= bsp; (1) Theories and concepts to explain the evolution of human diversity,= (2) Theories and concepts to understand and foster diversity of life forms= , (3) Theories and concepts about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the l= ife and sustainability sciences. Who is encouraged to apply? The fellowships aim to supp= ort doctoral students in the final stage of their PhD research. Writing-up = fellowships are individual fellowships awarded to work independently on the= applicant=E2=80=99s research project supervised by their advisor in the ho= me university. The 5 fellowships are especially well-suited for two categor= ies of PhD students: (1) Those who have completed empirical research and wi= sh to use the Writing-up fellowship to elaborate on the (conceptual, episte= mological, and methodological) underpinnings and implications of their work= =2E (2) Those whose research deals with the historical, philosophical, and = conceptual foundations of research in the disciplines mentioned above in re= lation to diversity. To learn more about the details of the fellowship, the benefits of worki= ng at the KLI, and the application and selection process, please consult ou= r website. Deadline i= s Feb 15, 2021. We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to receive up= dates about our events and latest fellowships. Communications OfficeKLI h= ttp:// @kliaustriaMartinstra=C3=9Fe 12= 3400 Klosterneuburg, AustriaPhone: +43 2243 302740

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